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SpaceX conducts two commercial launches almost in parallel for the first time

WASHINGTON, Apr 29 . SpaceX's Falcon 9 launch vehicle lifts off in Florida with O3b mPOWER commercial internet communications satellites, next launch expected in less than two hours, livestreamed by the company.
The launch of the reusable Falcon 9 launch vehicle from the Cape Canaveral spaceport took place at 1.12 Moscow time on Saturday. It launches two O3b mPOWER satellites for the Luxembourg satellite company SES. The launch was supposed to take place on Thursday, but was postponed due to bad weather – lightning struck the launch pad area, the launch was canceled, but neither the rocket nor the satellite was damaged.

Later, approximately at 2.29 Moscow time, a Falcon Heavy rocket with the ViaSat 3 Americas mission should be launched from a nearby launch pad, located approximately 5 kilometers from the first launch. The device, which will be launched into geostationary orbit, is designed to provide an Internet signal in rural areas, on passenger airliners and ships. Almost parallel launches are carried out by two groups of SpaceX specialists.

“If both launches happen, this will be the shortest time between two SpaceX launches and the shortest time between two orbital launches from Cape Canaveral since 1966,” Spaceflight Now reported before the launches. .
In March, SpaceX carried out two launches just over four hours apart.


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