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“Send him to Russia.” America is furious because of the Russian NHL star

A loud scandal involving the hockey player “Colorado” Valery Nichushkin sparked outrage in the United States. Fans attacked the striker and demand to send him to Russia (even to the Soviet Union). The club continues to remain suspiciously silent.
Dark history The Russian became the hero of last year's Stanley Cup when he helped the Avalanche take the long-awaited trophy with an injury. Nichushkin received a juicy six-year contract and was supposed to be a key player in Colorado. In the regular season, Valery was really good when he did not miss matches due to injuries. In the first two meetings of the playoffs, the striker scored a goal, and then disappeared.

The club did not say anything, throwing phrases about “personal reasons” without any specifics. North American journalists admitted that they know something about history, but they cannot give it out into the public space. Soon, insiders began to report what happened to Nichushkin. Like, the situation is related to alcohol. Later, the Denver Post published an article with details.

According to media reports, a drunk 28-year-old girl from Russia was found in Valery's room. Moreover, she was originally from Ukraine. The young lady was insane due to alcohol and even hit the Colorado club doctor. The girl categorically did not want to leave the hotel, she had to call an ambulance. The lady said that bad people had taken her passport away from her, and they should not have come to America at all.

Tough reaction in the USA Russian hockey player agent Mark Gandler said that his client had nothing to do with what happened. However, fans on social networks have already drawn conclusions. The discussions got very heated:

  • “Send it back to Russia,” wrote Juli3n.

"He left Seattle and went on a plane to the Soviet Union? Or are all these publications fake? Rasmustache asks.

  • “This incident could have been avoided if the NHL had banned Russian players, as they did at the IIHF,” Mike Steakhouse noted.
  • “Yeah, I'm sure his wife won't appreciate it. But if that's all there is, why isn't he still lineup for the Colorado? wonders Gary Thurner.


“I can’t believe people are shocked to see a wealthy hockey player from Russia get into a story like this. Don't they know how everything works in Russian culture? — wrote Tokengolfer".

  • “It all looks like human trafficking or something like that. Perhaps Nichushkin is now under federal protection, so no one can say anything,” said Brad Lauder.

“Where did he disappear from the hotel? Do we know where he is now? — wrote Lizardo Decapio.

Nichushkin's story remains the main topic of the NHL playoffs now. American fans are more concerned about the scandal with the Russian than hockey itself. They demand to understand the situation, but in Colorado they continue to pause, which raises even more questions.
If everything was normal, Valery would already play for the Avalanche. Another thing is that the Americans happily attacked a person whose participation in the incident (let alone guilt) has no evidence at all.


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