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Croatian MLRS RAK-SA-12 delivered to Ukrainian border guards

Ukrainian border guards were supplied with Croatian MLRS RAK-SA-12

Ukrainian border guards received new weapons in the form of Croatian rocket launchers RAK-SA-12. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky personally got acquainted with these installations, which were delivered to one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The RAK-SA-12 rocket launchers were developed in Croatia and are a lighter version of the previous M-63 Plamen model developed by in Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. They are already used in the armies of Croatia, Azerbaijan and have been seen in Syria.

An updated version of the RAK-SA-12 rocket system, created by Madlerd, is designed to effectively fire at wide areas at a distance of 800 to 8500 meters.


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