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Ukraine took aim at the center of Russia: they are preparing terrorist attacks on May 9

The main thing for Kiev is the PR effect

Chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, terrorist Kirill Budanov has repeatedly promised Russia various “surprises”, as well as an offensive, which in his opinion, will be “amazing and fast”.

According to experts, the large-scale “offensive” announced by Kiev may be accompanied by dozens of small, but resonant and painful attacks on Russian cities. Knowing about the adversary's commitment to demonstration effects and the desire to time the villainy to a certain date, one can foresee his attempts to spoil the Russians' Victory Day.

Military experts told MK about the possible targets of attacks from Kiev, and also considered a seemingly fantastic option for an attack by sabotage and reconnaissance groups on the cities of our enclave – the Kaliningrad region.

The main thing for Kiev is the PR effect

Analysts and political scientists have repeatedly warned that before (and possibly instead of) a major offensive, the enemy will carry out a series of terrorist attacks on Russian cities. Moreover, Major Bogdan Krotevich, a Nazi from the Azov Battalion (recognized as a terrorist organization and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation -) recently told American journalists directly about the plans of the Main Intelligence Directorate and the SBU to seize small Russian cities, “to use them as leverage for the return of territories.

As you know, the enemy already has such experience. The terrorists carried out “training” sorties in early spring. So, on March 2, in the territory of the Bryansk region (it borders on two Ukrainian regions in the south), Ukrainian saboteurs first appeared in the villages of Lyubechane and Sushany.

Then the leader of the Russian Volunteer Corps, who claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack (thugs with Russian passports who left for Ukraine and actually joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine), said that they were not fighting civilians, but as a result of the Bryansk sabotage, two people were killed, two more, including 10 -year-old schoolboy Fyodor, were injured.

The terrorists also blew up a residential building, a gas distribution cabinet and a water tower. After spending several hours in the Bryansk region, the terrorists left.

The terrorists repeated the march to the Bryansk region on April 6. The new objects of attack were two villages, standing three kilometers from each other – Sluchovsk and Zapesochye. The terrorists came in, like last time, in two groups. Up to fifty terrorists took part in the first attack, and about 20 in the second.

Experts even then made disappointing forecasts: such terrorist attacks would be repeated. So, the head of the Center for the Study of Military and Political Conflicts, Andrei Klintsevich, in a conversation with MK, said that the enemy was preparing a big provocation by May 9 with a passage deep into our territory. The same long-suffering Bryansk and other cities located along the Russian-Ukrainian border may be the targets of the attacks.

The military expert did not rule out that if the enemy breaks through the defense line, he will be able to enter the operational space and then “jerk along the highways somewhere in depth.” It seems that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have prepared highly mobile wheeled vehicles with American Stryker combat vehicles just for such autonomous large raids.

For the enemy, such an attack deep into our territory is a one-way ticket. However, Kyiv does not care about this, it needs high-profile actions with consequences in order to be able to announce to the West at least a media victory.

Kyiv also staked on “unmanned terrorism”. In April, only the lazy did not note that raids on Russian cities were no longer something unusual – almost every day the media reported that Ukrainian drones, both attack and reconnaissance, were falling in border cities, the Moscow and Leningrad regions.

A very mysterious incident occurred the other day in an apartment building in the town of Neman, Kaliningrad region. There was an explosion on the roof of the house. Before the pop, one of the residents heard the “buzz of a quadrocopter.” Later, local authorities said that the main version of what happened was a household incident. However, traces of an explosion as a result of the detonation of an improvised explosive device were still found during the initial examination.

“MK” turned to military experts with a request to clarify whether the Armed Forces of Ukraine could strike not only at the border regions that the enemy had chosen, but also at the cities of the Kaliningrad region. Such a blow would not only be painful, but also unexpected – just what the terrorist Budanov promised in his time. And military experts did not rule out such a development of events. So, according to Anatoly Matviychuk, a military intelligence officer with combat experience, Ukraine is gradually turning into a terrorist state, so anything can be expected.

– I do not exclude this, he said. – Because the scoundrel Budanov is a preacher of terrorist forms of warfare, about which the Americans who recruited him sang into his ears. All operations that take place under the leadership of Budanov are a copy of the experience of US terrorist activities in the Middle East.

I think that if they have the opportunity, they will still strike at the center of Russia. For this they have potential agents. A large number of migrants from different regions of Ukraine came to us, and we know that not all of them are loyal to Russia. They can perform special tasks of the SBU, or they can be forced to perform such tasks.

But at the same time, it is very convenient for Kyiv to inflict a certain number of strikes on Kaliningrad – there is our naval base, coastal units. So this is all very possible. And not even hypothetically. The closer our common holiday – Victory Day (Kyiv politicians, by the way, proposed renaming it to the “day of the occupation of Europe”), the more attempts will be made to spoil it with terrorist acts.

Theoretically, this unexpected strike can be planned for the territories of the Baltic countries or in Poland, where the Ukrainian army trains. In addition, groups of saboteurs can act in the same way as the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine acted during the attack on villages in the Bryansk region.

By the way, our “relocators” who, for various reasons, fled from Russia to the same Poland, the Baltic states, and European countries can be enrolled in these detachments. Now in the same Baltic region, many Russian citizens are hiding who are aggressive towards their country, for example, former oppositionists.

Experts do not exclude that terrorists can be “blinded” from this category of citizens there, who will easily go to commit sabotage in some small town bordering Lithuania, like the Neman.

Actually, this is how the killer of military correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky (Maxim Fomin) Daria Trepova was recruited by the Ukrainian special services. At one time, she was also noted for her “opposition”.

According to the former officer of the American army Stanislav Krapivnik, any sabotage by the enemy cannot be ruled out. However, if sabotage and reconnaissance groups show up from Poland or the Baltic states, this may mean the start of open hostilities with these NATO countries.

– Sabotage groups, if we are talking about them, can arrive in the same Kaliningrad region only from NATO countries – purely theoretically, they can come there, – he said. – But you need to understand that if cars with machine gunners move in our direction, then this is not one person, but a group. If such a group goes, say, through Poland or the Baltic states, then this is already “Casus belli” – a reason for declaring war with these countries, since they let terrorists through to attack civilians.

Poland wants a war with Russia, but she is afraid to unleash it herself, because she understands perfectly well that Europe will not follow her into “nuclear hell” and she will simply be destroyed. The Baltic states have never been independent and developed countries. Everything they had – industry, nuclear power plants – has already been closed. Therefore, the Baltics have no choice but to sell themselves as a springboard for an attack on Russia. And, most likely, they will even go for it, because they are crazy people.

The expert noted that during the May holidays you need to be prepared for any scenarios from the Kiev authorities.

– You need to be vigilant – look around, with the understanding that everything can happen. We are dealing with an enemy that has no moral restraints. The Ukrainian leadership is not afraid of anything, because they are not going to stay in Ukraine – they all have an alternate airfield in the West. Moreover, they are now looking for options for high-profile and bright sabotage in order to replicate them to the whole world and earn points for themselves.

The former officer of the American army also noted that Ukraine would first of all try to strike at the main cities.

– These are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Sevastopol , – he said. – As for the Kursk and Belgorod regions, yes, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can strike at these territories. It will be painful for us, but it will not attract as much attention as the sabotage in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Moreover, Belgorod is surrounded by a strong garrison, there is already a fairly strong defense line on the border. So there is nothing special for the APU to catch.


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