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“We have balls of steel!” Report from the champion locker room of CSKA

CSKA is the champion. Now we can talk about it officially. On the day of the centenary of the army sports community, it could not be otherwise. And no one will say that the script for the Gagarin Cup final was planned in advance and that everything was designed for the success of the Red-Blues. Sergey Fedorov's team proved with their game, character and skill that they are the best in the league for the second year in a row. This CSKA was opposed by a very skillful “Ak Bars”, which until the last second of the series did not reduce the level of pressure on the Muscovites and did everything to win back.
CSKA deservedly won the Gagarin Cup. And this is what the captain of the “red-blue” Nikita Nesterov first of all said in the team locker room.
“Boys, we deserved this Cup with our game. We have balls of steel!” – exclaimed Nesterov, and under the roll call “Who are the champions? We are the champions,” he and the rest of the CSKA players began to fill the triumphal locker room with champagne.

Thus, champagne, which in the last matches of the series managed to become an Internet meme. Many joked that CSKA carried the championship champagne and related paraphernalia for another fifth game with a 3-1 series score, which was held in Kazan. But that meeting ended with the defeat of the “soldiers”, and therefore the championship attributes, which are traditionally prepared by the clubs in advance, had to be taken to Moscow. With the home stands, CSKA was also unable to secure the championship, and champagne stocks were once again left waiting for their activation in Kazan. – joked about this Vladislav Kamenev, whose goal was the most important for CSKA in the decisive game.
“Army men” in principle were not limited to self-irony. In this playoff, CSKA played 27 matches out of 28 possible. Three out of four series ended for the “red-blue” victories in the seventh match. Pavel Karnaukhov's phrase “Kings of the seventh” game will definitely become one of the main ones for CSKA last season.
“The phrase “Kings of the seventh game” was invented on the go. For the first time, the playoffs turned out to be so intense for us, because both the first two rounds and the Gagarin Cup final ended in seven matches. We could theoretically end the series in Game 5 of the final, but don't forget that we were up against a very strong team that knows how to win and that 3-1 in a series doesn't mean you're already a champion. we came back from 1-3 in the final, it's the other way around in this one.We found ourselves in a new situation.This playoff basically put us in a new position.It showed where we are at the moment.Even with 3-3 in the final we understood how to win, we did not have any stupor,” Karnaukhov himself commented on this statement in an interview with .

This CSKA is very unusual in itself. Today we made sure that people who tend to experience emotions play for this club. Self-irony is one of the indicators.
“We have shown that we are not robots. All series have been interesting for us. All games were interesting, matches were unpredictable. But due to our experience, character, we survived and became champions,” — said one of the heroes of the Gagarin Cup final Anton Slepyshev.
But many characterized today's CSKA as a robotic team. She looks so mechanized and working in isolation from psychological pressure. The coaching staff headed by Sergei Fedorov played a huge role in this. Absolutely after each match, Sergei Viktorovich looks calm, measured and does not make harsh statements, and even decisions – even more so. Even after winning the final, the CSKA coach tried to be restrained. But Sergei Viktorovich allowed himself a few emotions.

Even after the final siren, while the CSKA hockey players – seasoned, adult men – rejoiced like children, embracing and throwing ammunition into the air, Sergei Fedorov gave a standing ovation to his wards and fans.
Hockey players, by the way, did not bypass the attention of their fans, who arrived in Kazan, and arranged a championship roll call with them.

Sergey Fedorov, having entered the championship field, covered with confetti, found the main person as soon as possible in my life – my wife. You won't see nicer shots today.

For Sergei Fedorov, relatives and friends are very important people. And it is not just words. The head coach of CSKA dedicated the first championship toast in the team's locker room to his relatives. Great!


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