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In the Far East will produce buggies for a special operation

KHABAROVSK, May 2. Soniktrans, a company producing tactical buggies for a special military operation, has become the first resident of the Patrioticheskaya ASEZ in the Far East, Governor Mikhail Degtyarev said.
“The Khabarovsk enterprise for the production of highly passable tactical all-terrain vehicles (buggies) for the needs of law enforcement agencies (Soniktrans LLC – ed.) became the first resident of the Patrioticheskaya TOP in the Far East. Instructed the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Economics of the Territory to prepare the necessary application to the Ministry of the Far East to allocate additional funds for the further implementation of the project,” Degtyarev wrote in his Telegram channel.

Soniktrans LLC became one of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex (OPK) of the region. The company has launched serial production of highly passable tactical all-terrain vehicles “Erofey”. By March, several samples of the buggy were released, which were tested at the training grounds of the Eastern Military District, Degtyarev informed.

The presidential envoy to the Far East, Yuri Trutnev, said that the vehicle needed to be improved, since in its current form it is only suitable for delivering food, water or ammunition to the front line. The speed of all-terrain vehicles on the road is 100-120 kilometers per hour, the carrying capacity is 350 kilograms. After adjusting the technological cycle, up to 20 buggies will be produced per month, said Igor Filippov, director of the Soniktrans enterprise.
At a meeting of the region's Legislative Duma on April 20, the governor announced that he had instructed to retrain at least 500 people to work at defense industry enterprises this year. According to the government of the region, among the flagships of the defense industry complex of the region are the branch of the United Aircraft Corporation Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant named after Yuri Gagarin, specializing in the repair and maintenance of weapons and military equipment CJSC DV-Region and the Khabarovsk Radio Engineering Plant, as well as the Amur Cartridge Plant “Vympel” named after Pavel Finogenov.
“Unmanned aviation is also among the promising areas. We have the necessary competencies and technologies to not only create a research and production center, but also to successfully operate drones for the benefit of the region in the future,” Degtyarev concluded.


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