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Liux Geko: the Spanish alternative to the outgoing smart EQ fortwo

Spanish start-up Liux has unveiled its second model, the Geko, a two-seat urban electric car that makes extensive use of plant-based materials.

We first talked about the startup Liux last fall, when it presented the project of the spectacular Animal electric shooting break, it was planned to go into production in 2024 and sell at a price of 39,000 euros. Liux is a trademark of Natural Movement founded in 2021 by young Spanish entrepreneurs Antonio Espinosa and David Sancho.

< p>The Animal model configurator is still working on the Liux website, but, as it turned out the other day, the launch of the shooting break has been postponed indefinitely and the simpler and cheaper city electric car Geko will be the first to go into production. The replacement is due to the fact that over the past year, investor confidence in startups has plummeted, young companies are closing one after another, and those who survived are adjusting plans in an attempt to reduce costs.

The goal of the Liux startup is to develop and manufacture light, environmentally friendly electric vehicles from materials of natural origin: natural resins, plant fibers, wood, biopolymers and biocomposites. The body of the Geko, like the body of the Animal, is made of a flax-based composite and is mounted on a simple platform made of “conventional” materials, that is, a metal alloy. The body of the removable modular battery, like the body, is made of a composite based on natural materials. Claimed curb weight for Liux Geko is 550 kg.

The Geko will be certified as an L7e electric quad, and the styling is reminiscent of the electric smart EQ fortwo, which will end production this year. The overall length of the Geko is 2700 mm, the width is 1500 mm. Belonging to the class of quadricycles means that Geko will have an electric motor with a constant power of no more than 15 kW (20 hp) and that it does not need modern and expensive automotive active and passive safety systems, although nothing prevents the manufacturer from supplying them. Geko or at least offer them as an option. The capacity of one removable battery module is 13 kWh, its full charge is enough for 150 km of run, if desired, you can install an additional module and increase the range. The top speed is limited to 100 km/h.

Geko price and production start date yet not announced, but the Spaniards should hurry, because the competition in the segment of electric quadricycles of the European market is growing: not only start-ups, but also global auto giants (for example, Stellantis and Renault Group), as well as numerous Chinese manufacturers, who are now especially active, are interested in it storm Europe. Biocomposites are, of course, very good from an image point of view, but the price and speed of entry into the market are still critical parameters that determine the success or failure of a young enterprise.


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