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Important innovations await pensioners from May 1: indexation, payments, delivery

The state has taken social steps towards the elderly

May brought many surprises to Russian pensioners – mostly pleasant ones, since we are talking about new payments and indexation. True, they will not affect everyone, but only certain categories of citizens who are on a well-deserved rest. Plus, for recipients of pensions, the rules for its delivery will change. MK discussed the upcoming innovations for pensioners with experts.

The state has taken social steps towards the elderly Photo: freepik

Some categories of older people are entitled to a one-time payment for Victory Day – 10 thousand rubles each. We are talking about veterans, participants in the Great Patriotic War, as well as categories of citizens equated to them. According to the law, citizens born before December 31, 1931, inclusive, will receive a payment of 10 thousand rubles (regardless of the availability of documents confirming work during the Great Patriotic War). In addition, payments in the amount of 15 thousand rubles are assigned – they will be received by residents of besieged Leningrad, widows of military personnel, prisoners of concentration camps. A one-time payment of 25 thousand rubles is intended for citizens who fought during the Great Patriotic War or worked at defense enterprises). In total, according to Rosstat, in our country there are about 130 thousand citizens over the age of 92 who are entitled to these one-time payments.

“Such support measures for all categories of citizens who somehow went through the war, of course, are necessary and timely,” says Ivan Samoylenko, managing partner of B&C Agency, “These are very elderly people who have experienced the most terrible trials in the history of our country” .

But economist Andrei Loboda, director of communications at BitRiver, believes that the state could take more serious steps for this category of citizens. “On the landmark holiday Victory Day, one-time payments to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and persons equated to them could amount to not 10 thousand, but 78 thousand rubles. The war ended 78 years ago, a symbolic payment of just such an amount would be appropriate. And the state would definitely not become poorer from this, – the expert says.

In addition, several categories of senior citizens are waiting for an increase in pensions: pensioners who have reached the age of 80; pensioners who stopped working in January 2023; elderly citizens who have close relatives as dependents (for example, children under 18 or adult children with disabilities). Also in May, the recalculation of pensions awaits those who submitted additional documents during April to take into account the new length of service.

The amounts and conditions for receiving additional payments are different. In particular, pensioners who have reached the age of 80 are legally entitled to a monthly allowance of 7.5 thousand rubles. Moreover, it is calculated automatically – to receive it, you do not need to write any application, all the necessary information is contained in the Social Fund of Russia (SFR), and if a pensioner has a dependent, then in order to receive an additional payment for his maintenance, you need to contact the SFR. In this case, the amount of the allowance will be one third of the fixed payment. According to the SFR, pensioners are entitled to the following additional payment for dependents: for one – 2406.91 rubles; for two – 4813.82 rubles; for three or more – 7220.74 rubles

How to evaluate all these amounts? “Over the past year, the average pension in Russia has grown by almost 14%, today they reach almost 21 thousand rubles,” Andrey Loboda points out, “The dynamics are encouraging, since the indexation of pensions in Russia today is noticeably ahead of inflation (less than 3% by mid-April )”. According to the expert, the share of pessimism and negativity in society's assessment of the state's social responsibility towards non-working pensioners is decreasing. Moreover, the Russian regions also contribute to the further improvement of social well-being. They actively implement programs for social support of the older generation, especially the elderly – those over 80.

“Of course, it is very difficult for an elderly non-working person in Russia to live on 20 thousand – 30 thousand rubles, the average fair level of support for the elderly population in the country is seen at about 50 thousand rubles. There is something to strive for!” Andrey Loboda concludes

Another important innovation for older Russians is a change in the order in which pensions are delivered. From May 1, only the state-owned Russian Post will have the right to deliver pensions at home. Previously, private organizations, such as banks, could also do this. Plus, it will be possible to receive social payments in cash only at the branches of the federal postal department. Cash desks of other organizations will no longer issue payments. As the authors of the innovation clarify, nothing will change for recipients of pensions or benefits at home. In due time, they will be delivered by an employee of the federal postal department in the same way as before. If someone receives payments by proxy in a particular organization, and not by mail, then the power of attorney will need to be reissued.

“Such a measure, the state will be able to protect older people from visits by potential scammers, who often hide behind the fact that allegedly work in a bank or some social organization,” Ivan Samoylenko believes. Now only one state-owned company will deliver pensions, which will simplify the procedure, the expert is sure. Moreover, the federal postal department is the largest enterprise in the country, which has been serving citizens for many years in terms of delivering pensions to their homes. “Both the resources and capabilities of the company will be enough to implement this law. And if suddenly there is not enough, then additional employees will be recruited,” the expert adds.


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