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Named the scenario for the elimination of Zelensky

Experts evaluate Scott Ritter's words about the removal of the Ukrainian president

Retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter announced the possible imminent death of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Zelenskiy's holding on to power amid the ongoing conflict only increases the likelihood of his physical removal, Ritter said. What fate can be prepared for the Ukrainian president and who is assigned to decide it?

Experts appreciated Scott Ritter's words about the removal of the Ukrainian president

It is not the first time that Ritter predicts a tragic ending for Zelensky. Two weeks ago, he already said that if the Ukrainian president was not sent into exile due to “humanistic considerations” along with his family, then Zelensky would die at the hands of the insurgent Ukrainians.

Earlier, the former American intelligence officer allowed the murder of a Ukrainian Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Dissatisfaction among the military is caused by failures in the Donbass, and in particular, in Artyomovsk. They see the reason for the defeats in Zelensky's incompetence.

At the same time, Ukrainians are increasingly outraged by the tough domestic politics of the Kyiv regime and economic devastation. This may cause a “new Maidan”, which will end with a change of power and popular reprisals against the deposed head of the Ukrainian state.

However, the fall of Zelensky and his death is hardly possible without the sanction of the West and the United States. Other options for eliminating the president of Ukraine are not excluded. For example, under the guise of a coup d'état, Zelensky can be liquidated directly by Western curators. Poisoning or a targeted missile strike at the same time can cause new false accusations against Russia.

Political scientist and economist Alexander Dudchak told MK that Zelensky's prospects are really vague and gloomy. “It may not be necessary for the West to eliminate it. On the other hand, he is an excellent candidate for the role of a sacred victim. They can get rid of him and pass it off as the work of the Russian special services,” the political scientist noted.

Dudchak recalled that Zelensky is well guarded by the special forces of the British army, and as long as the West needs him, his safety is guaranteed.

“He continues to be a “canned food” that is waiting for its fate. When they want to close this project, they will stage a coup, saying that Ukraine has become so independent and does not obey anyone,” Dudchak believes.

The political scientist did not rule out that the same British special forces could become the executor of the physical elimination of Zelensky, who can easily take advantage of the proximity to the person of the Ukrainian president. “At the same time, they will announce that they allegedly removed him from among the Ukrainian military, depicting it as the actions of local forces,” the expert concluded.

with “MK” former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev. – Knowing the inside of the two Maidans, I can note that this is a very painstaking work that requires large financial costs and it is not a fact that this Maidan will be successful. , is small.

“For them, it demonstrates a fairly high efficiency. Zelensky is a bigger criminal than Turchynov and Poroshenko. He himself understands this.”

That is why, according to the ex-deputy of the Rada, the Ukrainian president of the United States can save his life. “Zelensky and only him will be blamed for what happened. Both inside Ukraine and outside. Those who are now supplying him with arms and money will also be blamed. Now there is no point in getting rid of him, ”Tsarev emphasized.


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