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Citroen e-C4 and e-C4 X get more powerful and long-range versions

The electric versions of the Citroen C4 and C4 X compact crossovers are unfortunately not selling well, and the French brand is trying to increase their appeal with new power plant.

The current Citroen C4 debuted in 2020 in a cross-liftback body, last summer it was joined by a cross-sedan, both versions are built on the CMP modular platform and are offered as ” hydrocarbon, and with fully electric power plants. The wheelbase of both versions is 2670 mm, the overall length of the liftback is 4360 mm, the sedan is 4600 mm.

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Open sales statistics collected by the CleanTechnica resource show that the electric Citroen e-C4 and e-C4 X are in very modest demand even in their native France: only 1006 units were sold in the first quarter of this year. – 15th place in the list of the most popular “electric trains”. For comparison, let's say that the first place in this list was taken by the American Tesla Model Y crossover with a result of 10,272 units sold. Even the Chinese MG4 turned out to be more in demand in France than the Citroen e-C4 and e-C4 X: 2,783 units sold.

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The base versions of the Citroen e-C4 and e-C4 X are equipped with a single Continental electric motor with a power output of 100 kW (136 hp) on the front axle and a 50 kWh battery with a full charge that lasts for 350-360 km on the WLTP cycle . This power plant remains in service for the time being, but now a long-range version has joined the range with a new power plant borrowed from the electric Peugeot E-308: an engine manufactured by Emotors (a joint venture between Stellantis and Nidec Leroy-Somer) here produces 115 kW (156 hp). ), and the battery capacity has been increased to 54 kWh, thanks to which the range on a single charge has increased to 415-421 km. The maximum charging power is 100 kW, it allows you to “feed” the battery from 20% to 80% in half an hour.

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New power plant for the Citroen e-C4 and the e-C4 X is currently only available in combination with the rich Shine package, prices in France start at 44,600 euros, excluding government subsidies for the purchase of an electric car. Citroen e-C4 with the power plant of the previous model costs from 34,990 euros. Whatever one may say, it turns out to be a little expensive, the Chinese MG4 costs about a third cheaper.


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