GENERICO.ruPoliticsThe girl whom Putin kissed in Derbent shared her emotions: “We waited for seven hours!”

The girl whom Putin kissed in Derbent shared her emotions: “We waited for seven hours!”

Fatima said that she was not at a loss, but “it was unexpected”

Last Wednesday, Vladimir Putin went out to the residents of Derbent. The participants greeted the head of state with joyful shouts and applause. The president kissed the girl who happened to be nearby and took a picture with her.

We talked to the very girl whose photos with Putin were scattered on the Web.

Fatima said she was not at a loss, but

The Girl I Kissed Vladimir Putin, name is Fatima. She is 13 years old.

“We learned that Putin was coming to us on the day of his visit,” says Fatima. “I really wanted to see him. We did not know the exact time of his arrival. At about 4 pm, my mother and younger sister went to the park, where we decided to wait for him. At that time there was still a lot of free space, you can say we took the first row. In the evening, people began to gather. I confess, we waited a very long time, about 7 hours. But they waited. The President arrived around 10 pm.

We took chips and juices with us. But it still took a long time. I really wanted to wait for the president to see him at least with one eye.

– There was security, they were not allowed to go beyond the fences. We love our president very much, we are proud of him, we respect him, that's why we came. Otherwise, we would not have stood for so long and did not wait.

— I was not at a loss, but it was unexpected.

– When he was standing next to me, I asked if I could take a picture with him. He said yes. Mom took pictures of me. True, the president sometimes looked around and did not get into the camera.

— No, the others couldn't take a picture. The President spoke to us for a short time. Maximum 5 minutes.

– I play the piano.

– I dreamed of taking a picture with the president. I also dream of going to Turkey with my family. But there is no such possibility. I have never been abroad.

— I would like to go to Moscow.

— A lawyer or an economist.

– Vladimir Vladimirovich is absolutely the same as we see him on TV. I would really like to meet him.

— I would ask how he achieved such heights.


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