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Updated Tesla Model 3 will receive a CATL M3P battery

The new Tesla Model 3 (codenamed Highland) may be getting some interesting changes to the main traction battery. According to a recent unofficial report from China, the upcoming updated Tesla Model 3 RWD will have an upgraded battery. The article says that the entry-level version will be equipped with CATL M3P lithium-ion batteries. CATL has been a supplier of Tesla LFP batteries for some entry-level Model 3/Model Y versions for several years now.

The new unit is expected to store about < strong>66 kilowatt-hours (kWh) compared to 60 kWh in the LFP today (and 55 kWh earlier in the original version). That extra 6kWh (or 10 percent) could increase the range of the CLTC from 556km to around 610km.

By the way, the new CATL M3P batteriescan also be used in the updated Tesla Model Y (codenamed Juniper), which is rumored to arrive in 2024. According to the report, the battery will store 72 kWh of energy.

Meanwhile, although there is no official confirmation of the Tesla Model 3 Highland, it is believed that it will debut in the coming days and could soon enter production at the Tesla Giga factory in Shanghai. Testing of test vehicles is reportedly ongoing.


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