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US hands over missiles with toxic substances to IS* in Syria, SVR says

MOSCOW, July 3 state”*, based in southern Syria, missiles with poisonous substances, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service said, citing its director Sergei Naryshkin.
“The Americans and their wards from ISIS* in southern Syria have not forgotten: they were given missiles with warheads filled with poisonous substances. message.
In the SVR, this place was called “a real gangster's nest.” According to the service, they recently created a US-British joint intelligence committee, which in fact is the headquarters for controlling the actions of IS militants * in southern Syria and in the Damascus region. It is headed by Deputy Commander of the US Central Command James Melloy, the intelligence added.

The Foreign Intelligence Service noted that the US administration intends to disrupt the Arab-Syrian normalization and discredit the leadership of Syria. For this, provocations are being prepared, including the use of chemical poisonous substances. In May, in Idlib, militants of the CIA-controlled wing of Al-Qaeda * – the Khurras al-Din group, as well as extremists from the Islamic Party of Turkestan * worked out the methodology for their use. At the same time, about a hundred civilians were poisoned.

“The Anglo-Saxons, as they usually do, are preparing to back up their machinations with a powerful media campaign. Its goal is to show the countries of the Arab world that their choice is in favor of resuming dialogue with President Bashar al-Assad was a “strategic mistake”. Those who disagree with this approach are directly threatened with sanctions,” the intelligence officers emphasized.

In early May, the foreign ministers of the Arab League approved the return to the organization of Syria, whose membership was frozen in November 2011. Later, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad attended the Arab League summit in the Saudi city of Jeddah. The United States then stated that they consider Syria not worthy of being restored to the Arab League, that they themselves will not normalize relations with Damascus and will not support partners and allies in the region in this.
* Terrorist organization banned in Russia.


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