GENERICO.ruCrimeThe daughter-in-law killed the mother-in-law with a dumbbell to take possession of two apartments

The daughter-in-law killed the mother-in-law with a dumbbell to take possession of two apartments

The cunning murder of an elderly Muscovite, committed for the sake of her two apartments, was revealed 20 years later by investigators from the Moscow Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. The daughter-in-law of a 62-year-old woman, at that time a very young person, killed a relative, and then got rid of the corpse alone. The son of the victim of the crime soon also mysteriously died.

Sister-in-law killed her mother-in-law with a dumbbell to take over two apartments Photo: GSU RF IC in Moscow

As it became known to MK, a polyclinic nurse died at the hands of an insidious lady. It so happened that her only son suffered from a mental illness. But, despite the illness, he began a relationship with a young Muscovite, and soon the couple had already registered a marriage in which a girl was born. The mother of an unhealthy young man was not happy with his choice. She believed that the daughter-in-law got married for selfish motives, and she completely worked up the child on the side (as it turned out in the end). The determined woman, through the court, achieved the recognition of her son as incapacitated, the marriage – fictitious and has already launched the process of evicting her daughter-in-law from an apartment on Kakhovka Street and invalidating paternity. Conflicts between women happened very often, once, in the heat of a quarrel, a nurse even used a gas canister against her daughter-in-law and her daughter. As a result, a young relative moved to a rented apartment. Obviously, then the cruel plan to kill the mother-in-law took on quite concrete outlines.

The suspect herself claims that everything happened by accident. One day in April 2002, her mother-in-law again came to her house to discuss the details of the upcoming trial regarding the apartment. The quarrel began again, and the young girl, beside herself with rage, hit the guest several times on the head with dumbbells. But investigators managed to reconstruct the real picture of what happened. In fact, the nurse was called to the apartment under the pretext of performing procedures. An acquaintance of the suspect, who needed regular injections, came to the health worker at the clinic and became friends with her. Communication became so informal that when one day a visitor asked the nurse to perform manipulations at home (allegedly she had no one to leave a sick child with), she easily agreed. Only now the door to the apartment was suddenly opened not by the patient, but by the former daughter-in-law. After that, the dumbbell was put into play. For several days the corpse lay in the apartment – the villain did not know how to get rid of it. In the end, she stuffed the body into a bag, took it out in a taxi and threw it into a ravine in the area of ​​u200bu200bSevastopol Avenue.

The girl could not improve her life after the murder. True, she still got the coveted apartments: the former husband soon drowned in a pond under strange circumstances, and his little daughter became the only heiress. But the woman began to abuse alcohol, drugs, she was deprived of parental rights, and later convicted of fraud. Now she has remarried and even tried to lead a righteous life, but the past still overtook her.

As Yulia Ivanova, senior assistant to the head of the Main Investigative Committee of the ICR in Moscow, said, investigative actions are currently being carried out aimed at collecting and consolidation of the evidence base. In the near future, the woman will be charged.


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