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“Oksana's love made a miracle.” How Domnina helped Kostomarov survive

The wife of the Olympic champion in ice dancing Roman Kostomarova Oksana Domnina desperately helped her husband in the struggle for life in Kommunarka. Of course, Kostomarov got out thanks to the doctors, but Domnina herself did everything for the speedy recovery of the skater.
“Love is about going through difficulties” Oksana and Roman have a very difficult love story. He first married when he was 27 years old. Kostomarov chose ice colleague Yulia Lautova, who played for the Austrian national team. But lasting family happiness did not work out. Yulia graduated from figure skating and wanted to completely immerse herself in a relationship. Roman went to the Olympics in Turin with the aim of taking the gold medal. And he managed to do it together with Tatyana Navka.

By that time, the idyll in marriage had collapsed, and then Kostomarov became interested in his girlfriend Lautova. It was just Oksana Domnina. At first, Roman's mother did not support their relationship, believing that Oksana had taken her son away from her last family, but after a while she cooled down and saw how happy Kostomarov was with another woman. In 2011, the couple had a daughter, Anastasia, but Roman delayed the proposal, although Oksana really wanted to get married.

Then they had a difficult period. Domnina left the figure skater for actor Vladimir Yaglych, but then returned to Kostomarov. They finally signed, and then got married. Since then, the couple has not parted, and in 2016 their son Ilya was born. Roman then said that “true love is to go through all the difficulties together.” The most important of the difficulties, of course, happened in January 2023. Kostomarov ended up in intensive care due to bilateral pneumonia. The Olympic champion was forced to spend his 46th birthday in the most difficult conditions.

“We will overcome everything, we will cope with everything, I believe! Just live,” Domnina wrote then on social networks.

“I knew that Oksana's love would do a miracle” It is impossible to imagine how difficult it was for her. Contradictory information about Kostomarov's condition regularly appeared in the media. Someone wrote that everything is very bad, someone gave hope. The truth, as is often the case, lay somewhere in between. At some point, Oksana could not stand the flow of rumors and for the first time spoke about her husband's condition.
“We all knew and understood the consequences that could be from the very beginning. it was a very difficult, difficult condition, all indicators went off scale, these are actually numbers that they don’t survive with. And my husband was born again. The fact that he is now with us is a huge miracle and the merit of doctors. Great happiness, this is the most important thing for us ” , – Domnina told
Soon after, Roman first published a post on social networks, where he thanked everyone who was worried about him, especially relatives and friends. There is no doubt that in the first place he spoke about his wife. And after some time, Kostomarov showed how he works on the simulator. The video shows the prostheses on his legs.

"Oh, it's not just all morally or physically, to put it mildly. But let's move on, the most difficult is ahead,” the skater said on social networks.

His post impressed a huge number of people, among whom were his partners in competitions and ice shows. All of them spoke extremely emotionally and supported the skater.

  • “Proud of you! I never doubted that you are a real fighter. Our champion, on which is equal to millions of people not only in Russia, but all over the world! In these difficult days, you are a symbol of victory over yourself and circumstances. I am sure that you will do many more beautiful things for yourself, family and fans. I am proud, waiting, “said Navka.
  • “I am proud to know this man! Roma, dear, you are a hero, keep it up! I knew from the very beginning that Oksana's love would do a miracle with God's help! ” – wrote figure skater Ksenia Alferova.
  • “Romochka you are the best, I'm proud of you,” said Anna Semenovich.
  • ” Roma! My heart skips a beat in admiration for your strength of mind. We love you,” said Katerina Shpitsa.


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