GENERICO.ruScienceBuilders dug up an amazing white marble head in the center of Rome

Builders dug up an amazing white marble head in the center of Rome

A fragment of an ancient statue of the goddess was used as building material

The marble head was discovered during work in one of the Roman squares. Builders have unearthed a white marble head in the historic center of Rome, the mayor of the Italian capital said on social networks.

Fragment of ancient goddess statue used as building material Photo: Global Look Press

Posting a photo of a dirt-covered ancient relic on Twitter the other day, Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri wrote: “#Roma continues to bring back precious testimonies of its past: a magnificent intact marble head was found during works in Piazza Augusto Imperatore, in which @Sovrintendenza participated.”

Gualtieri went on to add that archaeologists and restorers are now “busy cleaning and studying the find.”

As CNN explains, the Sovrintendenza Capitolina (Capitol Office) manages, maintains and enhances the historical and archaeological heritage of the capital.

An impressive fragment, believed to be part of a statue of a female deity, was discovered in a foundation excavated during work on the “reconstruction of the Mausoleum of Augustus and the Piazza Augusto Imperatore,” according to a statement released online by the City Council of Rome. The report stated that the head was found on the east side of the site currently being worked on.

It was thanks to the “careful work of archaeologists at the Headquarters” that the relic was discovered, the statement said, adding that it is hoped that the find will help experts “deepen knowledge” about the ancient history of the city.

“A recently found head of fine workmanship, sculpted from Greek marble, probably belongs to a statue of a female deity, possibly Aphrodite, of natural size. [She] shows off her elaborate hairstyle with her hair gathered at the back thanks to a “shade,” a ribbon tied at the top of her head,” says Claudio Parisi Presicce, spokesman for the Capitoline Office.

He explained that the head was unearthed intact and preserved in the foundations of a late antique wall.

According to Parisi Presicce, the head was “reused as building material”. The workmen found her lying face down and protected by the earthen rampart on which the foundation of the wall rests.

While it may seem surprising that the antiquity was found in such a state, it would not be unusual, the superintendent said.< /p>

“Reusing works of sculpture, even those of significant value, was a very common practice in the late Middle Ages, which made it possible, as in this case, to successfully preserve important works of art,” added the specialist.

According to Parisi Presicce, the find, apparently, belongs to the era of Augustus. He said restorers and archaeologists are now hoping to restore it, as well as seeking to identify the ancient artifact and determine how old it is.


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