GENERICO.ruWorldFormer head of NATO committee warns Switzerland against rapprochement with the alliance

Former head of NATO committee warns Switzerland against rapprochement with the alliance

BERLIN, Sep 1 Former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General Bundeswehr Inspector Harald Kujat warned Switzerland against rapprochement with the alliance.
“I will say this as a former chairman of the NATO military committee: Switzerland has a history in which it has ensured its security thanks to its neutrality. For Switzerland, a future of security and freedom means the need to maintain neutrality with hands and feet,” Kouyat said in an interview with the Swiss edition die Weltwoche, answering the question whether Switzerland should move closer to NATO in the current situation.
The ex-head of the NATO military committee explained that if Switzerland joins the alliance, then in this way it will become involved in the confrontation. “And this situation can become very unpleasant for Switzerland. I am in favor of eliminating these blocs, not strengthening them, so that we come to a multipolar world in which each state is provided with security and freedom – instead of being tied to another a state that pursues other interests and goals. Switzerland has its own goals and interests,” Kouyat concluded.

It was previously reported that Switzerland wants to increase the military budget to 1% of GDP by 2030 and strengthen cooperation with NATO and the EU because of the conflict in Ukraine, this was noted in a statement published on the website of the Federal Council of the country.


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