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New Volkswagen Passat: only station wagon, but bigger and more spacious

The “German” retained petrol and diesel engines, but in Europe the main bet is made, of course, on electrified versions, and they are now more.

The very first Volkswagen Passat debuted in 1973. For almost half a century, it was a separate family, but in recent years, the segment of non-premium cars of the D and E segments has lost customers in Europe, so back in 2022, the brand withdrew the B8 generation sedan from the “old-world” market. Well, the new Passat, the ninth generation with the B9 index, will be offered exclusively in the station wagon. Moreover, the “German” is now even more unified with the Skoda Superb (the premiere of the fresh “Czech” is ahead): in fact, this is a kind of Superb, the release of both models will be launched in Bratislava (the former Volkswagen is made in Germany). At the same time, Skoda itself will still leave a choice to buyers: the upcoming Superb will still be available not only as a barn, but also as a liftback. Well, the Volkswagen ID.7 electric liftback became an alternative to the German sedan. But back to the hero of our news.

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The VW Passat Variant B9 is based on the modified MQB platform with the Evo prefix. In particular, thanks to the upgrade for a surcharge, the station wagon now has an adaptive DCC Pro suspension: the new shock absorbers have two control valves for compression and rebound. But there are no more mechanics – only DSG.

The appearance was designed in the style of Volkswagen electric trains – there are almost no sharp lines and edges left. By the way, the Passat is the most streamlined station wagon of the brand: the aerodynamic drag coefficient Cd is 0.25 against 0.31 for its predecessor. At the same time, a “barn” with a sports body kit R-Line (a white car in company photos) is presented, the chips of this version are more aggressive bumpers and a radiator grille with a black mesh instead of shiny horizontal stripes.

The car itself has become larger: compared to the previous station wagon, the length has grown by 144 mm to 4917 mm, the width has been increased by 20 mm to 1852 mm, wheelbase – 2841 mm (+50 mm). And only the height remained practically unchanged (1506 mm).

Inside, there are separate screens for the instrument cluster and multimedia system, while the second display rises above the front panel. The multimedia tablet can be 12.9 or 15 inches in diagonal, and touch strips are also built into its body – in the lower part, which are responsible for controlling the “climate”. There are analog buttons on the steering wheel, because customers of the brand do not like sensors there. Instead of the usual box selector, there is now a steering column lever.

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The distance between the rows of seats has been increased by 50 mm. The trunk volume of the new VW Passat Variant is 690 liters, which is 40 liters more than the previous model. And with the backs of the second row folded down, this figure is 1920 liters compared to 1780 liters for its predecessor. 2/4 .jpg” /> 3/4 4/4

The list of equipment also includes IQ.Ligh matrix headlights, a head-up display, ergoAcrive front seats with ventilation and massage function, plus numerous electronic assistants (adaptive cruise control, auto-brake systems, lane keeping, etc.).

In the new generation, the VW Passat retained purely petrol and diesel versions. The first line includes 2.0 TSI with 204 or 265 hp. And the 2.0 TDI turbodiesel has three versions – with a return of 122, 155 or 193 hp. All of these modifications are equipped with a seven-speed DSG gearbox, while the most powerful options are with 4Motion all-wheel drive.

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But the main bet in Europe, of course, is made on electrified versions. So, for the first time, a “soft” hybrid appeared in the Passat range: a 1.5 eTSI petrol turbo four (150 hp) additionally has a system for shutting off half of the cylinders and a 48-volt starter-generator (the return weight is 20 hp), which helps in the first seconds of acceleration. This station wagon also gets a 7DSG box.

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And now there are two rechargeable hybrids, they are called the Passat eHybrid (formerly there was the Passat GTE), and they have a new filling. The 1.4 TSI turbo engine was replaced by the 1.5 TSI engine, which operates on the Miller economy cycle; a 115-horsepower electric motor is built into the six-speed DSG. The engine power of the base VW Passat eHybrid is 150 hp, the total system output is 204 hp. The second version has a 177-horsepower 1.5 TSI, the total power of such a station wagon is already 272 hp. The rechargeable hybrids got a more capacious battery – 19.7 kWh versus 10.6 kWh for the previous Passat GTE. Passat eHybrid is claimed to be able to drive about 100 km on electric power alone, with a total range of 1000 km. >

The new Passat will make its public premiere at an exhibition in Munich, which opens on September 5th. According to German media, in the home of Volkswagen, a fresh Passat Variant will cost at least 39,995 euros (the predecessor costs from 38,850 euros there), but the model will go on sale only next year.


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