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The French champion was accused of sexual assault. What's happening?

L'Obs reported that regarding ex Figure skater Brian Joubert is under several administrative and legal investigations. This was confirmed by the President of the French Ice Sports Federation (FFSG) Gwenel Nouri. After finishing his career, the 2007 world champion opened a figure skating club in his hometown of Poitiers and works there as a coach.
Joubert has always been a favorite of the Russian public and journalists. From the very beginning of his international career, he actively collaborated with Tatyana Tarasova and Nikolai Morozov, and called the Salt Lake City Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin an idol. At the 2004 European Championships, the Frenchman sensationally beat Evgeni Plushenko. Yes, the reigning world and European champion was plagued by injuries, in Budapest he clearly saved his strength, but this does not detract from Joubert's achievements. br>

After the first success, Brian failed to take a leading position. At the 2005 World Cup in Moscow, the Frenchman remained below the line of winners, and at the Olympics in Turin he took sixth place. True, he rehabilitated himself a little at the post-Olympic World Championships in Calgary, winning the short program. Only in Canada, Joubert failed to become the winner – Stephane Lambiel rose to the highest step of the podium.

The most successful in the career of the Frenchman was the next season, in which the Olympic champion Turin Plushenko did not play. Joubert won both the European Championship in Warsaw and the World Championship in Tokyo. Before the tournament in the capital of Japan, Brian was seriously injured after a bad landing from a triple lutz, but this did not stop him from winning gold. He once again became the European champion in 2009 in Helsinki, but in Vancouver he again faced Olympic disappointment. Although the figure skater even attracted two-time world champions Albena Denkova and Maxim Stavisky to stage programs.

In the next Olympic cycle, it was not possible to reach the previous level. Although the authority in France was so high that Brian was included in the short list when choosing the team's flag bearer in Sochi. However, the preference was still given to the Vancouver Olympic champion Nordic Jason Lamy-Chappuis.
Joubert really wanted to perform in Russia with dignity and even came to Novogorsk to Nikolai Morozov to work on the choreography. As a result, a new short program was born. Only at the 2014 Olympics, the French skater took only 13th place, after which he decided to retrain in greenhouses. I trained a little with Daria Popova and, having mastered some elements, after which I rushed to Moscow.
Together with Katarina Gerboldt, Joubert trained with Oleg Vasiliev and, most interestingly, planned to play for Russia. As the skater recalled, Brian mastered the paired elements at a rapid pace. Todes was done on the first try, and it was even more convenient for her than with Alexander Enbert. However, after several months of training, Brian and Katarina realized that their couple could only perform in shows.

Jubert was also in demand there as a single skater. After the Olympics in Sochi, he participated in Evgeni Plushenko's ice performance “The Snow King”. In France, Brian took part in the show “Dancing with the Stars” and became the bronze medalist of the project.

During his sports career, Joubert was remembered as a figure skater with a pronounced male charisma. He was the first European to perform three quadruple jumps in one program at the Russian Cup in Moscow. Yes, and outside the rink, Brian was a success with the fair sex. His novels were legendary. The brightest and longest was with the Italian Valentina Marchei, who first performed as a single skater, and then paired with Ondrey Hotarek.
Do not be surprised by the publication in the French press. One can only sympathize with the famous figure skater in the past. In the US and Western Europe, this work is now like entering a minefield. At any moment, an offended student or parents dissatisfied with insufficient attention to the child can be accused of sexual harassment. And you will need to spend a lot of time and money on lawyers in order to justify yourself. trainers now working in North America have been talking about being vigilant in every class. Even wear gloves so that touching a student cannot be interpreted as sexual harassment. They spoke solely on condition of anonymity. After all, even a translation of a publication in the Russian press could affect the reputation.

Similar trends have reached France as well. It remains to be hoped that the accusations will not affect Joubert's coaching career, and he will not have to move to Russia, for which he never hid his sympathy. Although now even such thoughts can harm Brian's reputation in his native country.


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