GENERICO.ruAutoThe Tesla Model 3 sedan has found a new “face”, it has become quieter and more long-range after restyling

The Tesla Model 3 sedan has found a new “face”, it has become quieter and more long-range after restyling

The updated electric car is already available for order in Europe and China, prices are announced there. But in Tesla’s native States, the debut of the refreshed “troika” is yet to come.

The full premiere of the Tesla Model 3 serial electric sedan took place in 2017, three years later the four-door was slightly modernized. Now the “troika” has experienced a real restyling. Moreover, so far such a sedan is produced only in China, from where it is also delivered to Europe: applications are already open in these regions, the customers of the “electric train” should reach in October-November. The American version will be updated a little later.

It used to be

Model 3 has completely redrawn the front end: the sedan has got new headlights, bumper and hood, even the fenders have been replaced. The rear bumper, as well as the lights and trunk lid, have become different, in addition, the Tesla inscription now flaunts instead of the usual emblem on the stern. They also refreshed the body color palette, plus the “troika” has new design wheels (18- or 19-inch). After restyling, the length of the sedan increased by 26 mm to 4720 mm, ground clearance, on the contrary, was reduced by 2 mm to 138 mm.

Updated Tesla Model 3 1/7 Updated Tesla Model 3 2/7 Updated Tesla Model 3 3/7 Updated Tesla Model 3 4/7 Updated Tesla Model 3 5/7 Updated Tesla Model 3 6/7 7

The salon is also new, although at first glance it differs little from the interior of the pre-reform model. But the front panel and door cards are different. The steering wheel was also replaced, while there are no more paddle shifters, like the older Model S and Model X: the buttons on the steering wheel spokes are responsible for controlling the main functions, and the transmission mode switching is assigned to the central tablet.

Updated Tesla Model 3 1/2 Pre-reform Tesla Model 3 2/2

The rear passengers have their own 8-inch screen, with which you can control the multimedia system and change the “climate” settings. The front seats are ventilated, and the top-end audio system now has 17 speakers (previously there were 14). Even at Tesla, they announced that sound insulation had been improved: in particular, double-glazed windows are now not only in the front, but also in the rear doors. Finally, the interior is finished with higher quality materials.

Updated Tesla Model 3 1/6 Updated Tesla Model 3 2/6 Updated Tesla Model 3 3/6/6 Updated Tesla Model 3 5/6 Updated Tesla Model 3 6/6

The company has not yet told about the technology, Tesla, in principle, does not like to share information about the “stuffing”. However, the Chinese, for example, know that their base rear-wheel-drive sedan puts out 264 hp. and 340 Nm, and the all-wheel drive version of the Long Range – 450 hp. and 559 Nm. The first version accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, the second – in 4.4 seconds. At the same time, due to improved aerodynamics (the Cd coefficient is now 0.219 instead of 0.225) and other improvements, the cruising range has been increased: the range of the rear-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 is 513 km in the WLTP cycle (it was 491 km), the all-wheel drive is 629 km against 602 km.

Updated Tesla Model 3

In China, the basic updated electric sedan costs from 259,900 yuan exchange rate), Long Range AWD version – from 295,900 yuan (37,000 euros). And in France and the Netherlands, for example, such a Tesla Model 3 will cost at least 42,990 and 50,990 euros, respectively.


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