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“VKontakte” added tools for labeling ads

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MOSCOW, September 1 The VKontakte social network has added tools with which authors can mark ads in posts, clips, stories and videos – this will allow them to comply with legal requirements for the publication of advertising, said the press service of VKontakte.
VKontakte authors will be able to mark ads using social media tools. VKontakte is testing a tool for marking ads in posts, clips, stories and videos. Integration with the Advertising Data Operator (ADD) will help content creators comply with legal requirements when publishing social media ads,” the statement said.

In order to add a mark, you need to select this setting, and in a special service on the VK Mini Apps platform, you can automatically receive a token for marking. The identifier is displayed in publications without distracting users from the content.

At the first stage, this tool is available to authors in the desktop version in posts and stories in beta testing mode, clips and videos will be added to this soon. “You can fill in information about all participants in the advertising chain and add details about the advertising campaign in the interface of the ORD VK office – the transition to it is integrated into a mini-application. In the future, the tool will also be available on smartphones,” the company added.
In September 2022, amendments to the law “On Advertising” came into force, according to which participants in the advertising market are required to label online advertising and transfer data on its placement to Roskomnadzor. From September 1, 2023, fines of up to 700 thousand rubles for advertisers and distributors of advertising in Russia for non-compliance with the requirements of the Law “On Advertising” began to operate.


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