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CSKA tried to find common ground with Philadelphia according to Fedotov

MOSCOW, September 1, Andrey Senchenko. President of the Moscow Hockey Club CSKA Igor Esmantovich told reporters that the army team was trying to find common ground with the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League (NHL) on goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov.
Earlier, the head of the Continental Hockey League (KHL), Alexei Morozov, told reporters that the league included Fedotov in the application of the capital team. On Friday, CSKA will meet in Moscow with the Kazan “Ak Bars”. Fedotov announced for the game.
“We worked out all the issues with the Flyers orally, tried to find common ground. It got to the point that we had to decide on our own. FHR, KHL and CSKA cooperated simultaneously in one direction – towards the Russian hockey player. Many thanks to Arkady Rotenberg, who has always supported us in this matter, Gennady Timchenko, who reacted with lightning speed as a conscientious Russian.Thanks to Igor Sechin, who supported us.The press can write whatever they want, but you should know that the KHL, FHR and CSKA solved this issue with one with a whole fist,” Esmantovich said.
Earlier, the IIHF refused CSKA to register a contract with a goalkeeper for the new KHL season. The hockey player was suspended for four months from September 1, a ban on international transfers was imposed on the capital club for a year. The head of the KHL, Alexei Morozov, said on Monday that the league would not allow Fedotov to participate in matches from the start of the new season.

In 2022, after winning the Gagarin Cup with CSKA, Fedotov signed a contract with the Philadelphia Flyers, but was detained at the military enlistment office and sent to a military unit for military service. On July 8, 2023, the KHL registered Fedotov's new contract with CSKA. The National Hockey League (NHL) and Philadelphia are insisting that the goaltender's agreement with the Flyers, concluded in 2022, should be valid in the 2023-24 season.
Fedotov is 26 years old. He was selected by Philadelphia in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft with the 188th overall pick. As part of the Russian national team, Fedotov became the silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Beijing.


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