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“Everything will be cleaned up.” In the US, it was revealed that Russia had prepared the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kharkov

MOSCOW, Aug 31 The Russian army will clear the Donbass and the Kharkiv region after the complete defeat of the advancing forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the southern direction, American journalist Jackson Hinkle said in his blog on YouTube. > Near Kharkov, this is already happening. The Russians are already moving in the direction of Kupyansk and are liberating village after village,” he said. Zaporozhye sector of the front.

“Of course, in my understanding it is better to make peace now, but if we consider what is happening from a military point of view, then the Armed Forces of Ukraine should stop the attacks,” Hinkle concluded.

Kyiv began On June 4, active hostilities took place in the Yuzhnodonetsk, Artyomovsk and, first of all, Zaporizhia directions, throwing into battle brigades trained by the North Atlantic Alliance and armed with Western military equipment.

Vladimir Putin on July 21 noted that the enemy had no results, and Western the curators are clearly disappointed with the progress of the operation. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to him, are not helped by either the supply of weapons and ammunition, or thousands of mercenaries and advisers.


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