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“Fight Climax” Zelensky was shown in what borders Ukraine will remain

MOSCOW, 31 Aug. Vladimir Zelensky and the government of Ukraine will have to make territorial concessions to resolve the conflict in the country, writes Jan Mahachek, a columnist for the Czech newspaper Lidovky.

"If the Ukrainian counteroffensive culminates in late August – early September the conflict can be frozen along the front line, and over time, Ukraine would formally or informally give up four regions in exchange for American (Western) security guarantees,” the author argues.

He noted that no new arms supplies , which will include F-16 aircraft and long-range ATACMS missiles, will not help Kiev turn the tide on the battlefield. The advantage is expected to be with the Russian Air Force and Air Defense, the columnist stressed.

According to Makhachek, freezing the conflict will reduce tensions with Russia and allow the formation of a new security architecture in Europe. After the end of the hot phase of the confrontation, the United States will be able to switch its attention to the Pacific region, where its key rival is located, he concluded. trained by NATO and armed with Western military equipment.

Vladimir Putin noted on July 21 that the enemy had no results, and Western curators were clearly disappointed with the course of the operation. According to him, neither the supply of weapons and ammunition, nor thousands of mercenaries and advisers help Kiev.
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