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Klintsevich told when the “meat assaults” in the Zaporozhye direction will end

September will be decisive for the future military adversary

The coming winter will be a serious test for Ukraine. Therefore, trying, as they say, to catch the last car, the enemy limited himself only to the Zaporozhye direction and desperately throws all his strength there in order to achieve more or less results.

Military expert, head of the center for the study of military and political conflicts Andrey Klintsevich In a conversation with MK, he told how long the “meat assaults” would last and why September would be decisive for Ukraine.

September will be decisive for the enemy's military future

Recall that last week the Armed Forces of Ukraine changed the strategy of their offensive. After negotiations between the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zaluzhny, and high-ranking NATO military, which took place on the border with Poland, it was decided to throw the entire strike of the counteroffensive near Rabotino, followed by an attempt to reach Tokmak. At the suggestion of older brothers from NATO, the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to moderate their appetites, since an offensive in several directions at once with the available forces was doomed to failure.

“MK” asked the military expert Andrey Klintsevich how long the agony of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would last.

– Linear analysis is not suitable for the armed forces, because now they operate, conditionally, with six to eight brigades, and after some time they will begin to remove the brigades that are located on the border with Belarus. You know, it's like throwing a goalkeeper at the forwards. Perhaps the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin to pull back units from the western regions of Ukraine or those that are guarding Odessa from the water and transfer them to the Zaporozhye Front. So far this has not been observed. They built up a serious grouping, but not enough to make a breakthrough. Although they can catch us on some mistake, as it was in the Kharkiv region…

Besides, according to the expert, September will be decisive for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in some sense.

– September is the end of the fiscal year for the US Department of Defense. The fiscal year for the US military-industrial complex, for the largest defense budget in US history at nearly $900 billion, begins in September. So the money for Ukraine is not pledged from the word at all. There is only 300 million dollars, and that is for the work of the US Army monitoring mission in Ukraine, which monitors corruption, the distribution of funds and so on. The program for the allocation of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine on credit has not been launched – zero opportunities allocated under this program. Basically, the Americans allocated assistance, under the so-called presidential order. When he took active samples of weapons from the warehouses of the US Army and sent them to the Ukrainian army. But the American general staffs are already sounding all the bells about this, because they are afraid that the reserves that they had were below the permissible level. In the event of a war with the same China, they themselves may not have enough weapons, and the military-industrial complex will replenish the already transferred weapons for another five to seven years … Therefore, now the situation for Ukraine is quite difficult.

Military expert reminded that Ukraine needs at least $50 billion in 2024.

– And this is just for the maintenance of the bureaucracy, for paying salaries to military personnel, and so on. In addition, they need weapons, ammunition shells for the new mobilization they are carrying out. And winter itself is a very serious test for the energy infrastructure that we have destroyed, which also requires money. Therefore, according to all these indicators, their situation is deplorable. Many media have already begun to talk about the need to persuade Ukraine to negotiate, because America cannot pull it out.


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