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The circulation of the series of books “Warriors of Russia” exceeded 230 thousand copies

MOSCOW, August 31 The circulation of the series of books about the NWO “Warriors of Russia” amounted to more than 230 thousand copies, the publications were sent free of charge to combat zones action, said Nikolai Ivanov, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Writers of Russia, at the presentation of the Veche publishing house series at the Moscow Book Fair.

"The publication of these books is our response, the writers of Russia, to the events that are taking place… Every single book went free of charge to the fighters, to the military enlistment offices, to the border territories, to the libraries of the annexed territories. The circulation is over 230,000,” he said.

Veche has already published eight books in the Warriors of Russia series and seven books in the Library of Donbass series, as well as non-serial books: ” Unsent Letters” and “Shadows of Donbass” by Oleg Roy, “Donbass – the Heart of Russia” by Oleg Izmailov and others.

The eighth poetry collection “ZOV of young hearts” from the series “Warriors of Russia” united the poems of children, Suvorovites, whose fathers went to fight, the publishers added.

Svyatoslav Rybas, Oleg Izmailov, Nina Popova, Alexander Bobrov, who write about the NWO, spoke at the presentation. They read their works and shared their memories of trips to the NVO zone.


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