GENERICO.ruCrimeAbout 30 houses were damaged in Urazovo after the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

About 30 houses were damaged in Urazovo after the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

BELGOROD, Sept. 2 About 30 private households were damaged after shelling from the MLRS of the village of Urazovo, Valuysky district, said the governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov.
Earlier, the governor informed that the Ukrainian military shelled the village, one of the shells hit a private residential building, as a result of the explosion one person died, two more residents were injured. The man and woman were taken to the central regional hospital.

“At the moment, destruction of varying degrees has been recorded in 29 private residential households: somewhere the roof was damaged, somewhere windows were broken and facades were cut, somewhere outbuildings were demolished. Four cars were also damaged. On the spot the commission for the inspection and assessment of damage is working, the door-to-door tour of the territory continues,” Gladkov wrote in his telegram channel.

The governor also clarified the circumstances of the young man's death. According to him, the man on his day off went to visit a friend. When he went out for pizza, there was a shelling from the MLRS. The young man received injuries incompatible with life. The head of the region expressed condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased, the authorities will provide the family with all the necessary assistance.
“According to the victims. The woman who brought the pizza to the house received multiple non-penetrating shrapnel wounds to the head, chest, upper and lower extremities. She was hospitalized in the Valuyskaya Central District Hospital. All the necessary medical care is being provided, doctors assess her condition as moderate,” – added Gladkov.
The second victim, a friend of the deceased guy, was at home at the computer at the time of the shelling. He was found to have multiple non-penetrating shrapnel wounds to the soft tissues of the head and chest. The doctors treated the wounds and decided to let him go home for outpatient treatment, Gladkov said.
The village of Urazovo, Valuysky district, is located about five kilometers from the border with Ukraine and at a distance of 15 kilometers from the center of the district – the city of Valuyki. Valuysky urban district borders on the LPR and Kharkiv region of Ukraine.
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