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Fedotov will still play for CSKA. KHL went into conflict with the IIHF?

The long-awaited start to the new season of the Continental Hockey League (KHL) finally given. By itself, the next draw of the “regular season” and specifically the match of its opening between Moscow CSKA and Kazan “Ak Bars” is covered by an abundance of intrigues, but to a greater extent the entire hockey community was interested in one question – will Ivan Fedotov play?
What is the essence of the “case” Fedotov “The history of the name of the Russian goalkeeper has spread around, it seems, every corner of Russia and is known to almost the entire population of the country, who opens the Sports tab in the media at least once a year. Therefore, there is no need to mention it anymore. Let's highlight only fundamentally important theses regarding the match CSKA – “Ak Bars”:

  • Ivan Fedotov was suspended by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) for the period from September 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023, his contract with the Moscow army team is not was recognized due to an already existing agreement with the Philadelphia Flyers NHL club;
  • Shortly before the start of the season, KHL President Alexei Morozov confirmed that the league had received a note from the Russian Hockey Federation (FHR) about the disqualification of the goalkeeper, and also admitted that the goalkeeper would not play in the KHL during his suspension;
  • CSKA remained of its opinion and firmly indicated its intention to announce Fedotov for the season from September 1.

A day before the opening match, the Red-Blues added fuel to the fire of public curiosity and in their social networks showed a new mask of Ivan, as if hinting that very soon the audience will see both her and the game of the goalkeeper in action.

And CSKA achieved his goal – Ivan Fedotov got into the application for the game with Ak Bars and was appointed the first goalkeeper of the team! But how is this possible?

What was said in CSKA and KHLES at the end of August during a club press conference, the president of the Red-Blues, Igor Esmantovich, expressed public doubts about the seriousness of the journalist's question about what legal arguments CSKA is based on Fedotov's application for the season subject to goalkeeper disqualification:
“”There are regulations. A contract is signed. Registered in the KHL, in the FHR. A person goes out and plays. All this is observed. What should I base myself on, what are you talking about?” /c2486e82a7a35b20c645af05d47b2b71.jpg” />Igor EsmantovichPresident of the PHC CSKA

A few days later, the head of the KHL, Alexei Morozov, met with reporters and spoke about the procedure for players to apply for the match:
“1.5 hours before the start of the match, the team submits an application to the officials for the game. If the green color lights up next to the player’s name, then he has the right to take part in the meeting, there are no prohibitions for him. What will happen to Fedotov? ,5 hours before the start of the match on September 1. Only after that the league will react.The league president has repeatedly pointed out the need to wait until September 1st. To the specific question “Will the KHL allow Fedotov to play?” Alexey Morozov answered too carefully: “At the moment, no.” The notorious “current moment” was relevant on August 28, when the meeting of the head of the KHL with journalists took place.

Will everything end badly for Russian hockey? The rest of the days were given to CSKA to continue some work with lawyers. Apparently, this time the army team was enough to convince the league to give the club the go-ahead for the same “green light” in front of Fedotov's name in the team's application for the game. On the eve of the meeting, Alexei Morozov, together with Igor Esmantovich, explained how they managed to achieve this.
“CSKA submitted an application and included Ivan Fedotov for the match. The KHL accepted this application. Yes, he will be available to play in the league until December 31. The KHL and CSKA do not agree with the decision of the IIHF, which infringes on the rights of the Russian to work. In defense of the player the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation spoke, which sent a warning to the FHR, CSKA and the KHL about the inadmissibility of violating the rights of a citizen of the Russian Federation to work, and also obliged Fedotov to be allowed to participate in competitions. We live according to the laws of the Russian Federation. We do not violate IIHF norms, we continue the transfer policy. The decision to declare Fedotov will not lead to bad relations between the FHR and the IIHF,” the head of the KHL said.
The CSKA president added that his club tried to negotiate with the Philadelphia Flyers, but to no avail.
“CSKA filed an appeal with the IIHF today. Before that, there was a document stating that we would submit the appeal documents for consideration. A responsible person was appointed from the IIHF and a committee was written that would consider this issue. All questions with the Flyers were worked out orally regime, tried to find common ground. It got to the point that we had to decide on our own. And we decided. FHR, KHL and CSKA cooperated simultaneously in one direction – towards the Russian hockey player. Many thanks to Arkady Rotenberg, who invariably supported us in this matter “, Timchenko, who reacted with lightning speed to this as a conscientious Russian. I thank Sechin, who supported us. The press can write whatever they want, but you should know that the KHL, FHR and CSKA decided this issue with one whole fist, “Igor Esmantovich answered.
Now all the questions arise only on the further development of events in which the IIHF will intervene. President of the International Ice Hockey Federation Luc Tardif has already announced his intention to open a disciplinary case against Fedotov and CSKA if the army team violates the terms of the goalkeeper's disqualification. And soon it will happen. About what sanctions in theory may follow from the IIHF, has already been mentioned in one of the materials Sport.

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