GENERICO.ruCrimeIn Moscow, a car sharing driver crashed into a bus

In Moscow, a car sharing driver crashed into a bus

< strong>MOSCOW, September 4 Police in Moscow are looking for a car-sharing driver who flew into a bus and fled the scene of an accident. According to the head office, the incident happened on Monday afternoon on Shirokaya Street in the north-east of Moscow, where a car sharing driver collided with a bus.
“The driver of the passenger car left the car and disappeared. escaped driver,” the press service said.
As the Mosgortrans press service told the agency, the accident occurred on route 774.
“According to preliminary information, the driver of the car was driving at a traffic light , collided with a bus and fled the scene. As a result of an accident on the bus, one passenger was injured, he is receiving medical assistance,” the press service said. =”” data-title='A car sharing driver who hit a child on a zebra was arrested in Moscow'>
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