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Actor Alexei Yanin died at the age of 41

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MOSCOW, 2 Sep. Actor Alexei Yanin died at the age of 40. This is stated on the RAMT website.

“For the past eight years, Alexei Yanin has been struggling with the consequences of a severe stroke,” the publication states.

The RAMT noted that all these years the theater and colleagues helped Alexei and his family. The time and place of farewell is still unknown. The artist is survived by his son Andrey and his wife Daria Klyushnikova (Yanina), a member of the “Star Factory – 5”. They met at the end of 2009 and got married in 2012.

In May 2015, Yanin suffered a stroke. According to the wife, due to illness and trepanation, irreparable things happened to her husband, including those related to speech and memory. She did not rule out that the tragedy occurred due to “vascular predisposition” and workaholism. Recently, Yanin lived with his mother, but his wife helped financially and visited him regularly.

In 2004, Yanin graduated from the Shchepkin Theater School and joined the RAMT. Among the roles in the theater: Yang in Akunin's dilogy “Yin and Yang”, Ivan Shatov in the play “Shatov, Karillov. Peter” based on Dostoevsky's novel “Demons”. In the play “Approaches and Others” Yanin rehearsed one of the main roles. Alexey is known to a wide audience for his work in films and TV series: “The Judge”, “Stronger than Fate”, “They do not part with their loved ones”, “Odnoklassniki”, “Club”, “Mothers and Daughters”, “Students” – more than 30 roles in total.


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