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Crossover Jetour X70 Plus will enter the Russian market this month

Which version of Pluses will reach the Russian Federation is still unknown: the local office accompanied the announcement with a teaser hiding details.

The Jetour brand has existed since 2018, it belongs to the Chinese company Chery. Cars of this brand are designed for young customers, the X70 SUV was the firstborn. This model has already managed to be updated more than once and as a result has acquired many modifications, so now it is a separate family. Recall that now it includes the X70 itself, X70 Zhuge, X70 Plus (in two versions), X70 S, X70 M and X70 Pro, and the latest version was introduced quite recently, at the end of July this year.

Pictured: Jetour X70 Plus (2020 facelift) 1/2 09/d2fa19ebc3a477e4cf7fd611283caf8c.jpg” /> Pictured: Jetour X70 Plus (2020 facelift) 2/2

The fact that the entry-level crossover Jetour will enter the Russian market became known a few months ago. Now the company said that it is the SUV with the addition of Plus to the name that will reach dealers in the Russian Federation. It is known that the model will replenish the local lineup towards the end of this month.

On the photo: Jetour X70 Plus interior (2020 restyling)

As we have already noted, the X70 Plus is presented in two versions in the home market. The first “Plus” is the result of updating the usual “x-seventies”, which took place in 2020. A couple of years later, the restyled SUV was again finalized – this is how another variation of the Plus appeared. Visually, these modifications differ only in the design of the radiator grille: if the first version of the “grill” pattern lines are located horizontally, then the second one received thin vertical bars.

Teaser of the Jetour X70 Plus crossover, which will arrive in RussiaWhich Jetour X70 Plus will reach Russian dealers is still unknown. The local representative office accompanied the official announcement with a teaser of the model, however, it is not possible to make out the design of the radiator grille in this picture. Obviously, the company will tell you which Plus will come to the Russian Federation closer to the local debut. /> Pictured: Jetour X70 Plus (2022 version) 1/2 /2

It is worth noting that the crossover, which will reach the Russian Federation, will have a wheelbase of 2720 mm, and an overall length of 4724 mm. This is in line with the short wheelbase 2020 X70 Plus. Recall that that version of the model also has a stretched version (the same figures for the “Plus” in 2022): the distance between the axles is 2745 mm, and the length is 4749 mm.

In the photo: Jetour X70 Plus interior (2022 version)

The Russian office of Jetour noted that details about the equipment will become known closer to the official start of sales. In the home market, the X70 Plus of the 2020 model has a 1.5-liter turbo engine with a return of 156 hp, and its maximum torque is 230 Nm (it is possible that for the Russian Federation the base engine will be deformed to a tax-friendly 149 hp .With.). The second option is a 197-horsepower turbo four with a volume of 1.6 liters (290 Nm). The Plus from 2022 also has a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 254 hp in the lineup. (390 Nm). A pair of either a six-speed preselective robot or a seven-speed automatic with two wet clutches are offered. The drive of this model in any version is only front.

The Russian price tag of the Jetour X70 Plus will also become known later. Obviously, this crossover should be cheaper than the flagship X90 Plus, the recommended retail price of which today starts at 3,299,900 rubles. According to the price list on the official website, at least 3,739,900 rubles are asked for the top version of this SUV.


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