GENERICO.ruSportHe admires Kolyada and sings in the Navka show. Interview with Alexander Panayotov

He admires Kolyada and sings in the Navka show. Interview with Alexander Panayotov

Singer Alexander Panayotov in an interview spoke about cooperation with the ice projects of Tatyana Navka and Ilya Averbukh, who of the skaters he admires and why he refused to skate in the Ice Age.

— Where is modern Russian music going?

— It seems to me that each time has its own musical heroes. It is already encouraging that modern Russian music is moving somewhere. And it seems to me that there is no destination as such. And now, with the development of technology, music can be created even at home. A computer and a couple of the right music programs are enough. And, of course, ideas.- How do you see yourself in it? – I see myself in modern music quite clearly. This is beautiful, vocal music. In the best traditions of the genre of popular music. With good lyrics, stylish arrangements and non-trivial harmonies.

— Tell us about the upcoming concert, which will take place in Moscow on September 8th. Have you prepared something unusual for the audience?

– The concert at the Green Theater is long-awaited for many of my fans. There will be no special show with scenery and ballet. But there will be the best songs, the best musicians and one special guest.

— The question that fans have been asking for a lot: when will you please with a new album?

— The album is in the recording stage. During this time, a lot of different songs have accumulated. Now we put everything in order, structure, edit, reduce. I hope for a quick result.

— In what other projects will we see you this year?

– Now I'm sitting on the jury of the project “You are super” on NTV. And I am very impressed by talented children.

You have a very busy schedule. How do you manage not to go crazy with constant moving and a large amount of work? During concerts, you probably have to literally “take out your soul”.Any concert is a very energy-intensive process. It seems like a breeze to get on stage and sing. But in fact, the concert is an extremely complex event. Starting from logistics, soundcheck, the concert itself. Ending with energy waves that accompany each of these processes. But experience helps.

— At one point, you began to appear regularly at various sporting events — Navka and Averbukh's shows, “Ice Age”, various rhythmic gymnastics concerts …< br>

Sports and music are very connected. All this is art. And under high-quality music, athletes manage to shine even more. I am very pleased and honored to realize that I am in this company. Moreover, I really love both figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics.

— I was at a show where you sang for the performing skaters. You were warmly welcomed there. Do you like performing in front of a sports audience?“Performing in front of a sports audience is a special pleasure. Athletes are very musical. Subtly feel these vibrations. It is very important for them what kind of music they perform. And it makes me doubly pleased to be with them in this moment.

strong>- Five years ago, sports and show business existed separately. And now you are participating in many projects, Kirkorov performs at a concert at Wiener, Buzova is constantly on sports shows and on the air of sports TV, Shaman began his path to popularity on the Plushenko show. Sports have become attractive to artists. In your opinion, why?

Sport has always been the center of attraction for enthusiastic looks! And the Russian sports school is one of the best in the world! Not surprisingly, show business and sports now intersect. And although each individually is self-sufficient, it is in cooperation that new colors are revealed.— How is the cooperation with Navka and Averbukh developing?

— I am very proud of my work in all Tatyana Navka's ice shows. I always get the role of the main prince. And, it seems to me, my voice is very suitable for Peter Chernyshov and Maxim Kovtun, who play these princes on ice. And in the show of Ilya Averbukh, I am a guest artist, to the songs of which legendary figure skaters skate. All this happens at the same time! And this is a bewitching sight!

strong>— Does working with skaters inspire? I was completely delighted.

— What composition of yours would you recommend for staging a competitive program?

– In fact, I have a lot of beautiful songs that could become part of the performance of outstanding skaters. I'm always for!

– You were on the jury at the “Ice Age”. Have you thought about taking part? Averbukh did not call to skate?- I was often called to take part in the “Ice Age”. But I was constantly forced to refuse, because I had an injury to the cruciate ligament, which does not allow me to take risks. But I'm always happy to sit on the jury.

— You are quite tall. Usually guys your height are still trying to attach to sports teams at school. Have you had such an experience?

– At school, they tried to attach me to the handball section, but this did not happen. As a child, I was not particularly friendly with sports.

— Do you watch figure skating competitions, do you know the main characters?

– I try to watch all the figure skating championships. For me, this is an aesthetic pleasure and a huge range of emotional swings. Very exciting. I love this very much!

— In figure skating, the vocal trend has been lately. Have you heard Alina Zagitova's performance and Alexandra Trusova's song? How do you like it?

— I believe that any experiment has the right to exist. The girls decided to cheer up the audience. The audience reacted. It's already good. It's not always the same to ride under Tchaikovsky or Tariverdiev.


– How do you generally feel about such manifestations from non-professionals? Many fans criticized Alina and Alexandra for such experiments. skaters sing. Therefore, I can not evaluate their vocal data. It would be interesting to see a show where skaters not only skate, but also sing.

— Show business — is it generally for professionals or for screamers?

— Show business is a very flexible concept. And it has a place for both. And most importantly, that the listener is for everyone.

— How to survive in the world of non-professionals? br>

The non-professionals won't last long. Professionals will always be valuable, always in demand. And if you are a non-professional, you will have to become one one way or another in order not to be left behind.


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