GENERICO.ruCrimeIn Dagestan, 16 people were allegedly poisoned by Olivier salad

In Dagestan, 16 people were allegedly poisoned by Olivier salad

MAKHACHKALA, Sep 4 Group food poisoning occurred in the Dagestan village of Kahib, presumably because of the Olivier salad, 16 people were hospitalized, including including two children, the press service of the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor reported on Monday.
“In the village of Kahib, Shamil district, on August 31, after a mawlid (a meeting of Muslims), food poisoning of visitors occurred. 16 people fell ill, including two children. All the victims were hospitalized with clinical manifestations of vomiting and diarrhea,” the report says.
Employees of Rospotrebnadzor conducted an epidemiological investigation, took samples of biological material from patients. Presumably, people were poisoned by salad “Olivier” on homemade mayonnaise, which was prepared using raw egg yolks. In addition, the salad was kept at room temperature from morning to evening.

“Specialists are currently conducting a laboratory study of food products that have served as presumptive factors in the transmission of infection,” the department added.


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