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In St. Petersburg, two days after installation, the “Last Address” sign, dedicated to the repressed hero of the First World War, disappeared

Two days ago, at the address 14 line of Vasilyevsky Island, 31, activists of the “Last Address” installed a memorial plaque dedicated to the hero of the First World War Konstantin Blagovo, today it disappeared from the wall of the house where the military lived. This was reported by Sota.

Blagovo was born in 1874, 40 kilometers from the modern territory of St. Petersburg. After graduating from the Yaroslavl Military School and the St. Petersburg Infantry School, he began serving in the 147th Samara Infantry Regiment in Oranienbaum.

The military man participated in the Russo-Japanese and World War I and was awarded seven orders of merit in battle . In 1914, he lost his arm after a severe wound and went to the Crimea for treatment. Six years later, he arrived in Feodosia, where he was arrested during the announced registration of officers.

In December 1920, Blagovo was shot for anti-Soviet activities. After 15 years, the wife of a military man was arrested and subsequently shot. A memorial plaque in his honor was proposed by the grandson of a participant in the wars. The event took place on September 2.

Another sign was removed in Perm – it was dedicated to a native of the city, Sergei Maltsev, the publication Perm 36.6 drew attention. The man was shot in August 1937, accused of preparing “counter-revolutionary acts of sabotage on railway transport and, at the same time, engaging in counter-revolutionary propaganda.”

In early June, activists of the Last Address project and Memorial volunteers reported that memorial plaques dedicated to the victims of repression began to disappear from the facades of buildings in Moscow. In early September, unknown people removed 34 memorial signs from the “House of Specialists” in St. Petersburg. Later it became known about several more removed memorial plaques.


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