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US expects talks between Russia and North Korea on weapons

WASHINGTON, Sep 5 White House National Security Council Representative Adrian Watson on Monday again circulated information about the allegedly upcoming negotiations between Russia and North Korea on the supply of arms, despite the repeated positions of Moscow and Pyongyang that such reports are stuffing and “an absurd rumor.”
“As we have already warned publicly, arms talks between Russia and North Korea are actively developing. We have information that (leader of the DPRK – ed.) Kim Jong-un is waiting for the continuation of these negotiations, including diplomatic engagement at the level of leaders in Russia,” Bloomberg quotes her statement.
Watson also appealed to the DPRK with a call to “stop their arms talks with Russia.”

Earlier on Monday, the New York Times, citing unnamed officials from the United States and other countries, spread a message about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's plans to visit Russia in September to meet with Vladimir Putin for similar purposes.

North Korea has more than once refuted statements by Western media and officials about alleged arms supplies to Russia. A spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry said that Pyongyang has never had any arms deals with Moscow, and any media report about this is “an absurd rumor.”

The head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK for US Affairs, Kwon Jong-geun, also noted that the United States “stupidly” tried to justify the supply of its weapons to Ukraine, spreading a “groundless version” about alleged arms deals between the DPRK and the Russian Federation.
Russian Ambassador to Pyongyang Alexander Matsegora stated that there is no talk of North Korea supplying ammunition to Russia, North Korea is actually in a pre-war situation, and it needs arsenals itself. The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, noted that the topic of alleged arms supplies to Russia from the DPRK and Iran was artificially thrown into the American media.


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