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The flagship crossover Audi Q8 was left without serious updates during restyling

The coupe-like SUV was given new optics, there are other changes in appearance, but not significant ones. But in the cabin – almost everything is the same, the reforms and technology have not been affected.

The serial cross-coupe Audi Q8 is in service in 2018, the model is assigned the role of the flagship in the current SUV line of the brand. But restyling was carried out only now, and even that turned out to be modest. However, this is not surprising: the premium brand is hard at work on new-generation electric trains, so less attention has been paid to cars with internal combustion engines.

It was, it is now

So, the SUV got a new radiator grille with large cells, the bumpers were also replaced (other air intakes appeared in the front). Also, for a surcharge, matrix headlights with “laser” high beams became available for the Q8. Yes, the flagship got such optics only now, although other Audi models have had it for a long time. Be that as it may, the “laser” is activated on an empty road at speeds over 70 km/h. In addition, the daytime running light pattern can now be selected. Another option is adaptive organic light-emitting diode (OLED) taillights, with multiple lighting schemes for the taillights as well. />2/5 0e12b4.jpg” /> 4/5 089.jpg” /> 5/5The Audi Q8 also received wheels of a different design (there are now 20-inch wheels in the base, while 19-inch ones were put on the “simple” versions before), the body color palette has been expanded. At the base crossover, door linings, “protective” inserts and a diffuser were made contrasting in order to enhance the difference between it and the model with the S line package. Finally, the brand logo has been updated. Inside, only the materials have been changed, plus the multimedia system now has more applications. src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/2d9b8b414bbff62be44102cff80cd32b.jpg” /> 2/2

Simultaneously with the usual SUV, the “charged” SQ8 was upgraded, its chips are silver decor, round twin exhaust pipes instead of rectangular ones and 21-inch wheels included in the list of standard equipment.

Updated Audi SQ8 1/6 SQ8 2/6 Updated Audi SQ8 3/6 Updated Audi SQ8 4/6 Updated Audi SQ8 5/6

In Europe, the Audi Q8 is offered with the same technology. The V6 3.0 turbodiesel has two versions – for 231 and 286 hp. (45 TDI and 50 TDI respectively). Q8 55 TFSI is equipped with a V6 3.0 petrol turbo engine that produces 340 hp. All listed versions have a 48-volt starter-alternator, an eight-speed automatic and quattro permanent all-wheel drive.

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Under the hood of the Audi SQ8 is a 507 hp V8 4.0 TFSI petrol turbo engine. The arsenal of such a crossover includes air suspension, a fully controlled chassis and active stabilizers. The SQ8 will hit 0-100 in 4.1 seconds.

European dealers are already accepting orders for the facelifted crossover. In Germany, for example, Q8 costs from 86,700 euros, SQ8 there will cost at least 119,500 euros. Later, rechargeable hybrids and an extreme version of the RS Q8 will be updated.

Recall that Audi still has an electric Q8 e-cross in the range tron, however, he has little in common with the hero of our news. The fact is that it was the first mass-produced purely electric model of the brand, it debuted simply as an e-tron. But then the line of “greens” expanded, so they decided to turn the “e-tron” into a branded prefix, well, that SUV was assigned to the “ku-eighth” family.


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