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In Russia, they wanted to forcibly block expired and illegal products

Russia wants to forcibly block expired and illegal products

Blocking expired and illegal products can become mandatory in the spring of 2024, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes, referring to a draft government decree developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

According to the results of a voluntary experiment conducted from February 1 to August 1, 2023 to block expired goods at the checkout using labeling “Honest sign” revealed that the sales of such products among the participants of the experiment are reduced to almost zero. This happens as the mechanism is replicated to all stores.

The detection mechanism works as follows: at the time of scanning at the checkout, the seller received information about the expiration date of the goods from the “Honest Sign” marking system. If there was a delay, then the sale was blocked.

Across the country, sales of expired labeled products decreased by 25% during the experiment. The Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT) disclosed to the publication the figures – from more than 10 million units to 7.5 million units.

The experiment was carried out for some types of dairy products, bottled drinking and mineral water, beer, tobacco and others. Most of the delay, as noted, was found in dairy products.


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