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Russian athletes were forbidden to open their mouths. Is there a limit to humiliation?

World Aquatics allowed Russian athletes for competitions. It seems to be good news, but a detailed study of the criteria gives a completely different understanding. They want to humiliate us once again with demands that have become even more ridiculous.
Deceptive first impression Yesterday there were two big statements at once that concerned Russian sports. First, the head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, supported the idea of ​​participation of our athletes in the Olympic Games in Paris, and also criticized the calls of the Ukrainian side for a boycott. It is clear that all the restrictions that the IOC came up with earlier remain in force. In any case, Bach expressed a relatively adequate position, although, of course, there has not been so much faith in him for a long time.

Immediately after the head of the IOC, an official release was issued by the International Aquatics Federation, where the Russians were allowed to participate in the competition. Another thing is that the criteria and rules put forward by World Aquatics were shocking. There, of course, there were things familiar to us for a long time.

At the competitions, any demonstration of flags, coats of arms, national colors of Russia and Belarus in the arenas is prohibited, and the performance of national anthems is also prohibited. Only those athletes who are not associated with the military or other state power structures, who have not spoken publicly in support of the CBO, and who have not used any symbols in support of the CBO (for example, clothes with the letter Z) can be allowed to start.< br>
Does Russia need such a permit? But World Aquatics has come up with even more sophisticated humiliations for Russians. They were essentially forbidden to open their mouths. From now on, eligible athletes will not be able to communicate with the media during tournaments, as well as attend press conferences. In addition, the uniforms of eligible athletes must be approved by World Aquatics and may not bear any symbols identifying athletes with Russia.

You will be surprised, but the wonderful list of restrictions does not end there. Russians can only participate in individual competitions. That is, synchronized swimming competitions immediately go by. But this is our discipline, where Russia has won the last six Olympics. The All-Russian Swimming Federation (VFPU) has already responded to the new initiatives of foreign colleagues.
“The All-Russian Swimming Federation has begun to study the published criteria, many of which require further clarification. However, now we can say that there are no improvements in this situation. The information received from World Aquatics will be discussed at the next meeting of the Presidium of the All-Russian Swimming Federation. After studying this issue President of the All-Russian Swimming Federation Vladimir Valeryevich Salnikov will make an official statement,” the message published on the official website of the federation says.
I must say that the WFTU very diplomatically responded to the demands of World Aquatics and showed amazing restraint. Because the criteria are extremely delusional and frankly humiliating. The only thing missing is the condition that the Russians must compete in a pool without water and in down jackets. It is interesting how this all corresponds to Bach's statements about the inadmissibility of discrimination against our athletes on a national basis.
Before the World Championships in Doha, which will be held in early 2024, there is still time to think whether Russia should even participate in such events.


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