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The ninth generation Volkswagen Golf will be the first to receive the SSP platform, it will enter the market in 2028

The new German brand will have an all-electric filling. This “green” model will have a “charged” version with an increase in the form of the letter R, it may appear in 2029.

The production of the Volkswagen Golf started in 1974, since then the model, popular on the global market, has managed change a generation more than once. Golf of the current eighth generation was introduced in the fall of 2019, and now the company is actively developing an updated version, which should be presented soon. Earlier, the designer of suggested how the refreshed “eighth” VW Golf would probably look like.

In the photo: the current Volkswagen Golf eHybrid hatchback

In addition, the company continues to work on the ninth generation Volkswagen Golf project. It was previously noted that such a car would appear towards the end of the current decade, now the head of the VW brand, Thomas Schaefer, explained that the novelty will enter the market in 2028. Even in a conversation with British Autocar, he recalled that the next Golf would be completely electric (the development of even hybrid versions was considered inexpedient and unprofitable), and also that he would enter the “green” family; probably, such a novelty will receive the name ID. Golf.

Thomas Schaefer noted that the future electric Golf in the brand hierarchy will take a place between the upcoming Volkswagen ID.2 and the first-born of the “socket” family – the ID.3 hatchback. He also confirmed that the basis of ID. Golf will be the first to receive the SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) platform, after which the manufacturer will begin phasing out the current MEB modular cart.

The company believes that due to the new platform, the ninth Golf can become “one of the most technologically advanced family hatchbacks on the market.” Earlier, VW CEO Oliver Blume noted that the SSP architecture will allow for technological advances that will distinguish Volkswagen's second-wave electric vehicles from the first-born of the ID family. 09/798cfd0ab32425c7945271cc0bbe62a4.jpg” />

The electrical system of the future Golf will have a voltage of 800 V, and it will take only 12 minutes to charge the battery from 10 to 80% (current models on the MEB platform take 35 minutes). It is reported that the software is being developed taking into account the fourth level autopilot (includes a set of systems that allow you to drive a car without the help of hands where it is allowed by law).

Pictured: Volkswagen Golf R

The next generation VW Golf is expected to be comparable in price to its predecessor. The fact is that due to the use of unified batteries of its own design for all electric vehicles of the concern, the manufacturer will be able to reduce the cost of developing models by 30% compared to electric trains based on MEB. So next generation green cars may be cheaper.

According to Thomas Schäfer , “charged” versions of Volkswagen models will remain in service even after the brand's full transition to electric vehicles. Such versions will have GTX, GTI and R additions to the names, and subsequently the company may abandon the first two, leaving only the additional letter R for the “hot” modifications. It is assumed that Volkswagen ID. Golf R could arrive as early as 2029.


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