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FSB general spoke about the betrayal of Kuzminov, who stole a Russian helicopter to Ukraine

Comrades died because of him

Traitor Maxim Kuzminov, who hijacked a Mi-8 combat helicopter to Ukraine on August 9, gave a press conference in Kiev in a T-shirt with a “trident”, where he told how and for how much he betrayed his homeland and colleagues. Major General of the FSB Alexander Mikhailov, in an interview with MK, told how the Russian pilot could establish contact with the opposing side and what his future fate was.

Fighting comrades died because of him The far right is the traitor Maxim Kuzminov

“Thirty pieces of silver” for the defector resulted in half a million dollars, which he received in Ukraine. Kuzminov admitted that he implemented the plan of betrayal alone. His comrades-in-arms, who were part of the helicopter crew, did not even guess about the bastard's plan, and when everyone understood, it was already too late.

According to the defector, the crew members left the helicopter as soon as the car landed and ran towards the border. “Their fate is unknown to me, perhaps they were liquidated,” Kuzminov said. According to the statement of the head of the main intelligence department of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, the colleagues of the traitor pilot resisted and were killed.

– This man is a complete bastard, it’s obvious, says retired FSB Major General Alexander Mikhailov. – There is nothing unusual in the fact that no one noticed Kuzminov's pro-Ukrainian attitude.

It is quite obvious that he himself is a man of initiative. Unfortunately, there is a category of people who themselves proactively offer their services to the enemy. And, of course, such “initiators”, as a rule, are distinguished by increased caution.

They never openly indicate and express their point of view, they do not dedicate anyone to their plans. Their actions are always unexpected for others.

In this situation, the secret services, of course, have yet to figure out how the pilot established contact with representatives of that side. It is not a fact that this happened through correspondence, or it was conducted conspiratorially. Although, to be honest, making contact is not difficult at all. Now in Russia there is a large number of Ukrainian migrants, or, as they are also called, refugees. Many have close relatives in Ukraine. So there is always the opportunity to somehow get in touch, the language is understandable, so agreeing on something is not a problem.

– Of course, Ukraine will need such a person for some time. But, frankly, as a person and as a specialist, he does not represent any intellectual or military value. Therefore, it is not a fact that he will be paid the promised money and left to live in peace in Nezalezhnaya, it is possible that the Ukrainians themselves will simply “bang” him somewhere so as not to pay anything.

We encountered similar things during the Chechen campaign, when mercenaries who came from abroad wanted to work, get money and leave. But not everyone was so lucky, many were killed immediately after paying for their “labor”, and the money was taken away. They settled in cash. It is possible that the same thing will happen here, so it remains to be seen whether Kuzminov will be allowed to survive or not. For some reason, I strongly doubt that the Ukrainian side will give him five hundred thousand dollars.

According to Mikhailov, Ukraine may need a traitor pilot as a kind of element of anti-Russian propaganda and psychological pressure on our citizens.

“Such elements of propaganda exist for the time being,” the general continues. – Do you remember the story of the Soviet state security officer Alexander Litvinenko, who fled to the UK? He was an element of propaganda for quite a long time, but then, when both British intelligence and Berezovsky got tired of him, he was simply “sheathed” – that's all. And he disappeared.

Moreover, the most important thing is that the British in any case turned out to be the winner, that is, they relieved themselves of responsibility for the death of the ex-officer, and even saved on his maintenance. It is the same with Kuzminov, in order not to pay him money, they will simply destroy him. And they will blame it all on the Russian side, which allegedly settled scores with him.

Defectors are generally a special category. On the one hand, of course, they are of interest to the enemy, and on the other hand, these characters quickly get bored. And this happens even in civilized countries such as Great Britain, as I already mentioned about Litvinenko. And such a wild country as Ukraine, from the point of view of the attitude towards people there, itself predetermines the further fate of this person. I repeat, I think that a traitor will most likely not live long.

Let's start with expediency. I have now put forward my version of the further development of events, namely, that the Ukrainians themselves will destroy it after some time and dump it all on Russia. And Russian special services operate on the basis of political expediency. We are always looking at what moral, physical, moral, technical and financial costs need to be incurred in order to get one bastard.

That is why there is always a pause at the beginning, we “eat Twix”, and then, based on the situation, we act.

I often cite the experience of Israel, which supposedly, I emphasize – supposedly, is looking for its terrorists all over the world. But very pragmatic people live in Israel, who always proceed from their own capabilities, and most importantly, from the losses that can be incurred as a result of a long search for the elimination of a particular person. I met with the heads of the Israeli special services, we talked to them about this. They are very skeptical about such versions, but, nevertheless, they do not particularly openly refute them.

But in a personal conversation they admit that there is no need to spend energy and money on criminals who still fall into their field vision. Taking risks, organizing some kind of special operations in order to find one freak, perhaps, on the one hand, it would be good for others to be discouraged, but, on the other hand, we must proceed from what we get after that. So I think we'll wait for now, and then we'll see.


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