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Mind-boggling scale: the US revealed what Russia has prepared for NATO

MOSCOW, Sep 7 Russia realized during a special military operation that drones play a key role in combat, and reformatted its army, while the North Atlantic Alliance operates in this area in the old fashioned way, former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter said in an interview with journalist Garland Nixon.
“If between Russia and a clash will begin with a NATO-style army, the Russians will dominate the battlefield at least in a war of drones,” the expert predicted.
According to him, in modern conflicts, the confrontation between UAVs has reached breathtaking proportions. The United States tried to create its own family of attack drones, but has not yet developed weapons of the required level, he specified.

Earlier, Western experts have repeatedly noted the effectiveness of Russian kamikaze drones involved in a special military operation in Ukraine. In particular, a retired Greek army officer, Stavros Atlamazoglou, called the Lancet UAV a significant tactical threat to the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield. Former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter, in turn, specified that such drones helped in the counter-battery fight against Ukrainian artillery.

Lancet loitering ammunition was developed by ZALA AERO. They are capable of hitting targets at ranges of several tens of kilometers. The UAVs carry warheads weighing three or five kilograms of different types, depending on the type of target.

In the Izdeliye-52 version, such a UAV is equipped with two X-shaped wings and is capable of diving almost vertically, in the Izdeliye-51 version ” The drone is equipped with one large X-shaped wing.


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