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Bathhouse, alcohol, smoking – what else is prohibited after cataract surgery?

Until recently, cataract surgery required hospitalization and strict bed rest, and rehabilitation lasted at least a year. Now everything is much simpler, but to successfully restore vision you will have to comply with some restrictions.

Cataracts are in second place place among the main reasons vision impairment and loss worldwide. This disease is characterized by clouding of the lens of the eye due to denaturation of the protein that makes up its composition. Most often it occurs in older people, primarily in women, and after 80% almost 100% of people suffer from cataracts.

According to ophthalmic surgeon and chief physician of the OKOMED clinic Mikhail Gulyaev, restrictions in the postoperative period depend on the quality of the operation. But in general, modern technologies with high-quality cataract surgery or refractive lens replacement allow the very next day:

  • bending over;
  • sleeping on either side;
  • take a shower;
  • work;
  • exercise without straining your abs.

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But at the same time, the doctor recommends that all patients, without exception, avoid visiting a bathhouse, sauna, swimming in a pool or reservoirs with head immersion, as well as any for a month. If, due to the condition of the fundus, there is a threat of retinal detachment, then restrictions on physical activity are individual depending on the specific conditions.

“Modern technologies are quite capable of ensuring the preservation of professional and life activity in the shortest possible time. The treating ophthalmologist should determine the mode of restrictions depending on the quality of the operation performed and the presence of complications.”

Gulyaev Mikhail to ctor
ophthalmic surgeon, chief physician of the OKOMED clinic

Doctor, specialist in general pathology Dmitry Kupriyanov added that during the rehabilitation period it is better to avoid drinking alcohol, which can interfere with the healing process of eye tissue. In addition, you should wash your face with care to avoid introducing infection to vulnerable areas.


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