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New attachments for cleaning airfields have been created in Russia

MOSCOW, September 11. New attachments for mechanical cleaning of airfields were developed by SUSU specialists as part of the research team. According to scientists, it is designed to clean runways at any time of the year and will become a domestic alternative to imported analogues. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science.
To meet modern safety requirements, airport ground services must carry out work to clean and clean the runway from various contaminants efficiently and in a short time. For this purpose, various airfield machines are used.
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Engineers from the Experimental Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of South Ural State University, together with MADI and the Spetsagregat plant, have developed attachments for round-the-clock high-speed maintenance of airfield runways with sweeping and blowing equipment. According to the developers, several attachments have been created: a snow plow, a brush, a blowing unit, and a magnetic pick-up. All this equipment is installed on the chassis of the Ural vehicle.
“”We analyzed foreign analogues. Then we designed attachments using modern CAD/CAM methods, carried out mathematical modeling and carried out a set of necessary calculations of components and assemblies, and took part in manufacturing and testing of a prototype airfield vehicle,” explained Sergei Taran, director of the SUSU Computer Engineering Center.
The developed model is equipped with an automated system for monitoring the current state of functional equipment. Such a system makes it possible to improve the quality of airfield pavement maintenance operations, the reliability and service life of equipment, and reduce the cost of maintaining the machine.

Director of the Research Institute “Experimental Mechanical Engineering” of SUSU Ramil Zakirov is convinced that the new equipment fully meets the criteria for import substitution.

“The vast majority of components and assemblies were manufactured by enterprises of the Chelyabinsk region. This allows us to say with complete confidence “that in the near future our airfields will be equipped with domestic aircraft. The work of this project is aimed at ensuring the technological independence of the country's aviation industry,” Zakirov noted.
He added that at the moment the equipment has been tested on a prototype and is ready for production production.

The project was implemented in accordance with government decree No. 218. The purpose of state support is to develop cooperation between Russian higher educational institutions, scientific institutions and manufacturing enterprises. Funds for development were allocated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.


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