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Stage 7 G-Drive SMP RSKG Touring: bright finale in four classes

A series of dynamic races and entertainment at the Festival of Speed ​​attracted 8 thousand spectators. The capital round of the country's main races became one of the most memorable in the season – and even in the entire history of the G-Drive SMP RSKG series. Tuning shows, prize draws from teams and partners, drift taxis, playgrounds, and a food truck festival were an excellent addition to the extensive racing program. Immediately 119 pilots started in 11 races and two races for the best lap time – and based on their results, the winners were determined in four of the eight competitions.

The final day of the 7th stage of the G-Drive SMP RSKG series turned out to be even richer in events than the debut. More races – more intrigue! Today we learned the names of the winners and prize-winners in the SMP GT4 Russia, SMP Historic Cup and CN Sports Prototype classes, in which the partner G-Drive Cup is played. The fate of the titles was decided in front of the audience, who, I hope, will remember this stage for a long time. Congratulations to the newly crowned champions, and good luck to everyone who is waiting for the final in Grozny in a month! Oleg PETRIKOV Head of the Russian motorsport development program SMP Racing SMP TCR RUSSIA

On Sunday, Kirill Ladygin started from pole and spent the entire race as a leader. Alexander Smolyar played eight positions and took silver, Pavel Kalmanovich took bronze. Dmitry Bragin finished 5th – and retains the lead in the tournament. Vladimir Atoev finished the race 7th. Now Smolyar is Bragin’s closest pursuer, and in Grozny he can compete for the title. But Atoev will most likely have to defend 3rd position from Chubarov.


The race winners are Mikhail Mityaev, Nikolay Vikhansky and Roman Golikov. Mityaev has a huge reserve of points, and only a miracle will help Golikov in Grozny take the title from him. Maxim Turiev and Nikolay Vikhansky are now in third place in the championship, and both are claiming the final silver.


A very bright race was replete with overtaking and collisions. According to the results, Andrey Petukhov, Mikhail Simonov and Egor Sanin were in the top 3. Thus, Simonov strengthens his leadership, and Sanin takes 2nd place in the tournament. Nikolay Karamyshev in Grozny will most likely have to focus on defending against Petukhov in order to retain bronze for the entire season


Class leader Artem Antonov had an accident and did not score any points. The winners of the race are Timofey Buyanov, Alexander Pochenkov and Vasily Korablev. Thus, Korablev has reduced the gap from Antonov – and in a month at the Chechen stage he will fight for the title.


In Sunday's race, the front rows were once again occupied by Midget pilots – only in reverse order. Konstantin Sugrobov started sixth, but made his way to first place. The strongest participants in Shortcuts finished next: Andrey Gromov, Kirill Kirakozov and the current champion Alexander Dudarev. It is Gromov and Kirakozov who become prize-winners at the end of the entire season in the CN Sportprototype class. And all three receive awards in a separate G-Drive Cup competition, which is played exclusively among Shortcut participants. The winners were awarded by the pilot of the G-Drive Racing team, world champion in endurance racing, Roman Rusinov. For the second year, the tournament is organized by the G-Drive brand from the Gazpromneft gas station network; all equipment in the series is fueled with its fuel. The characteristics of high-tech gasoline were noted last season by the participants of the series – it helps pilots maximize the potential of the engine and ensure its protection.


Two supercar races took place on Sunday. Both times the same pilots climbed to the podium – albeit in different orders. The morning race was won by Sergey Titarenko (Toyota Supra), silver went to Vadim Meshcheryakov (Mercedes-AMG GT4), bronze to David Pogosyan (Toyota Supra). Rinat Salikhov finished fifth, following Denis Remenyako (both in a Mercedes-AMG GT4). However, this was enough for the pilot of the YADRO Motorsport team to become unattainable for competitors – and to claim the title ahead of schedule.Thus, in the final race, Salikhov started as a champion – but the rest shared the remaining places on the season podium. The race was won by Vadim Meshcheryakov, and the Toyota pilots this time finished in the reverse order. David Pogosyan took second position and did not let Sergei Titarenko pass, who was content with bronze.

But if the opposite had happened, Titarenko would have become second at the end of the season! But it was enough for Denis Remenyako to finish fourth again to be just one point ahead of his competitor and win the vice-championship. Sergei Titarenko takes seasonal bronze – but this is an impressive result for a class where almost a quarter of a hundred participants started this year!


The current champion of the 2000+ category, Vladimir Cherevan, won the Saturday race but retired on Sunday. Dmitry Kozlov took advantage of this to win the race and become the vice-championship of the season. Vladislav Donets and Vladislav Shevel finished in the same order as on Saturday – this time both got places on the podium. But only one of them could receive bronze at the end of the year, and Vladislav Donets earned this prize.

In the standings Zhiguli1600, two favorites missed the stage, but they had enough points to maintain their leading positions. Even if it was in absentia, Igor Shunailov became the winner, Andrey Kozlov became the silver medalist.

Ivan Tarakanov earned points for first and second places at the stage – and took the bronze cup at the end of the year. Today his main competitors were Maxim Kurushin, who won the race, and Denis Kirillov, who finished third.

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