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Tesla will release an electric car worth $25 thousand

According to published data, Tesla intends to release two new inexpensive electric car models, which do not yet have names. It is assumed that one of the electric vehicles will be produced for the consumer market, and the second — exclusively for taxi companies.

It is noteworthy that information about the inexpensive model was found in the biography of billionaire Elon Musk. It is reported that the founder of Tesla personally vetoed the development of an inexpensive electric car, but company employees persuaded him not to abandon this idea.

It also became known that last year Musk got the idea to create an electric car for a taxi that will have neither a steering wheel nor pedals, due to which the entrepreneur decided that the release of two Tesla models at once simply “wouldn’t work.” In addition, launching a car with an autopilot on public roads will face legal restrictions, so concentrating on the development and production of such a model now could lead to failure.


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