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Analysts predict sales of new cars in Russia at 1.5 million units

According to the optimistic forecast of experts, up to 1 million cars may be sold on the Russian market by December of this year. In the medium term, sales may even exceed 1.5 million units, writes CSN-TV.

Among the key factors that could negatively affect sales volumes, it is worth noting a possible change in the key interest rate of the Central Bank, which could lead to increased car loan costs. During the session “Russian car market: in search of a new identity” at the Eastern Economic Forum, representatives of the largest automobile concerns in Russia expressed hope for maintaining preferential car loan programs in the near future.

It was also emphasized during the session that in a relatively short time During the period after the introduction of sanctions against the Russian automotive industry, enterprises managed to achieve localization of production and replace a significant part of imported components. In this context, experts especially noted the positive experience of KamAZ and its newest K5 tractor.


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