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The Brain of Entrepreneurs: Scientists Reveal Increased Cognitive Flexibility

An interdisciplinary research team has found evidence of increased neural connections in the brains of entrepreneurs. Scientists suggest that this may contribute to the formation of various cognitive properties.

Entrepreneurs and managers took part in this groundbreaking study an interdisciplinary research group led by HEC – School of Management of the University of Liege and the University Hospital of Liege (Belgium), bringing together entrepreneurship researchers and brain scientists.

Using resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging, scientists found that serial entrepreneurs have higher connectivity between the right insula (associated with cognitive flexibility) and the anterior prefrontal cortex (a key region for exploratory choices) compared to ordinary people.

The findings, published in the journal Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, suggest that serial entrepreneurs have greater cognitive flexibility, allowing them to effectively alternate between exploration and exploitation, a balance that is critical to their success. success.

“By highlighting the difference in cognitive flexibility, we open up the prospect of developing training or professional development programs aimed at improving this very cognitive flexibility and the entrepreneurial spirit of people in various organizations,” said Professor Bernard Surlemont, one of the study's authors.


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