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Joseph Prigozhin explained why he does not produce beginning artists

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MOSCOW, September 12. Producer Joseph Prigozhin explained on the YouTube show Metametrica Live why he does not promote other artists.
According to the singer’s husband Valeria, the whole point is the “inhumane” attitude towards the performers who remained in Russia on the part of a number of television channels and radio stations.
They, as Prigozhin noted, put musicians in a “humiliating position”, forcing them to “perform for free at various events with or without a reason,” without taking into account all sorts of expenses in the form of the services of stylists, makeup artists, sound engineers and other personnel.

"Why do representatives of television and radio stations not take this into account and, at times, treat the artist worse than a janitor. This, of course, needs to be changed and broken,” says the producer. – Because it has become simply impossible to exist in the industry for the last ten years. This is a corrupt system.”

For this reason, as Prigozhin admitted, he does not take on the promotion of novice performers.
“”And how to promote them? If the classic schemes don’t work. And you can’t bring money in the beak, because you first need to earn money in order to bring something out of the beak,” said the producer.
Iosif Prigozhin believes that in order to solve this problem, the domestic show business must come to consistency and workshop solidarity, which, as the producer assures, does not yet exist.


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