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SPEEDME told what to do if the inspector does not approach the car for a long time

In such cases, each driver has to follow certain rules and, despite the delay, remain in place until they receive permission to continue driving from the traffic police. Experts from the publication SPEEDME.RU figured out in detail the rules and responsibilities of drivers in such situations.

According to the law, traffic police inspectors have every right to stop a vehicle to check documents, the condition of the car or identify violations of the Traffic Rules. The stop can be made regardless of the time of day or the duration of the stop.

The State Traffic Inspectorate has the right to use various means to stop cars, such as wands, gestures, loudspeakers, light and sound signals. At the same time, when stopping a car, inspectors are obliged to ensure traffic safety on the road. Even if there is a “No Stopping” sign on the road, the driver must comply with the inspector’s requirements and stop.

Sometimes drivers may try to leave the stop before the inspector arrives. This action may also result in punishment according to the law. For example, refusal to stop on the road can lead to a fine and temporary deprivation of the right to drive.

If the driver stopped at the request of the traffic police, but the inspectors for a long time do not show interest in the car What can be done in this situation? The law allows the driver to continue driving after some time of waiting if the inspectors do not fulfill their duties in accordance with the established procedure.

However, the first and most important rule is to remain patient. Inspectors may be checking multiple vehicles at the same time, and this may take some time. It is recommended to wait about 10 minutes, and if the inspectors do not show interest in your car, then you can continue driving. If your car has a DVR, it is better to record the waiting time and save the recording immediately after you start driving. If you don’t have a DVR, you can shoot a video on your mobile phone. In this case, the recording may be useful if the inspectors do not understand your actions and try to stop you again.

It is important to remember that stopping at the request of a traffic police inspector — it is the driver's responsibility. An attempt to leave before the inspector arrives may result in penalties and administrative measures. Therefore, even if the wait may seem long, it is better to follow the rules and cooperate with the road inspectors.


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