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2027 BMW M3 Neue Klasse electric confirmed

The Vision Neue Klasse concept, which debuted at the Munich Motor Show, is the first glimpse of the next-generation 3-Series, and the new M3 is likely to follow.

News of the electric M3 was published by Carsales, journalists who attended a round table interview with BMW Head of Product Development Frank Weber. Speaking to the press, Weber confirmed that the German brand will release an all-new all-electric M3.

But there's good news for fans of the brand – BMW will also offer a petrol-powered variant. Yes, Weber has confirmed that the M3 EV will be sold at the same time as the combustion engine version. The fossil fuel-powered car will feature a new powertrain, likely based on the existing S58 six-cylinder engine, designed to comply with Euro 7.

Back to the electric car, the new battery-powered M3 could offer up to 1,341 hp power from four separate electric motors. BMW has already announced a four-motor electric vehicle concept, and development of a zero-emission prototype based on the i4 and M3 continues. 

Weber confirmed that the Neue Klasse platform can indeed handle up to 1,000 kW of power. In its most powerful CS form, the car can produce “just” 542 hp power. However, we suspect that the future ICE M3 won't be all about the numbers, but rather will be about delivering a true ICE driving experience.

Weber has set a tentative release date for the next M3 EV for 2027. 


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